Woman Who Refuses to Bake Cookies for Her Stepson's Bake Sale Sparks Debate

Dec 20, 2019
01:00 A.M.
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A Reddit user prompted a discussion amongst other Reddit users over her refusal to bake cookies for her stepson, and here is what people had to say.


A Reddit user confused over her husband's reaction to not baking cookies for her stepsons bake sale took to the "Am I The[expletive]" platform to seek their opinion on the issue.

The woman explained her ordeal to her audience. She shared that her 14-year-old stepson requested baked cookies for a clubs bake sale, but unlike previous times, she declined and told him off. 

Traditional Linzer cookie with strawberry jam | Photo: Getty Images


The Reddit user revealed that she had baked cookies and snacks for the boy in the past. 

The woman explained that the snacks she baked ended up being eaten by the mother of the boy, her boyfriend, and his sisters, thereby leaving the fourteen-year-old with little to nothing for his bake sales. 

The disgruntled Reddit user, having noticed this trend rejected the boys' request for baked cookies. She resolved at baking cookies and snacks for the teenager only when he is leaving from hers' to the venue of the bake sales. 

A couple baking cookies in the kitchen | Photo: Getty Images


This decision didn't go down well with her husband as he thinks his wife is punishing the teenager for the sins of his mother. 

Reddit users in their usual manner took to the comment section to drop their two cents on the issue with their reaction, generally swaying in support of the woman. 

One user agreed with the writer's resolve. The user noted that taking things directly to the bake sale is a good compromise. Another Reddit user thinks that the teenage boy is old enough to bake his cookies. 

woman taking sheet of baked cookies out of the oven | Photo: Getty Images


The user also highlighted that the father of the boy should do the baking if he's so concerned. A third user shared that the writer's husband is ridiculous. 

In a similar instance, another disgruntled stepmom shared her predicament with stocking the favorites of her inconsistent stepson.

The woman shared that she's responsible for buying the groceries at home and tries as much as possible to stock everyone's favorite. 

Mother and son baking cookies in kitchen | Photo: Getty Images


Her fourteen-year-old stepson is at a phase where he cancels his visit schedules at the last minute without a care in the world.

The teenagers' actions had led to the wastage of the groceries she stocked up for him. The woman explained that she stopped buying his faves when she noticed the trend.

On one such weekend, the 14-year-old showed up unannounced and was pissed that his preferences weren't in stock. The teenager reported the occurrence to his birth mom, who, in turn, called the boys' father to that effect. 

A woman picking an item from a colorful supermarket aisle | Photo: Getty Images


Surprisingly, the father of the boy supported the boys' claims to the disappointment of the stepmom. Reddit users reacted to the post in support of the woman. 

One user noted that the boys' father was wrong for supporting his ex and advised that he does the emergency shopping for exceptional food when the teenager shows up unannounced. 

A second user penned her opinion on the issue; she encouraged the writer to stick to non-perishables.