Fantasia's Daughter Zion Shares Close-Up Photo of Her Face, Showing a Striking Resemblance to Mom

Zion, who is singer Fantasia's first child, took to Instagram to show off her good looks with an up-close selfie. However, what's got fans talking more is the substantial similarity in looks between the teen and her mom. 

Being the daughter of a music sensation, Fantasia Barrino, Zion has had her fair share of the spotlight.

Singer Fantasia performs at Bojangles Coliseum | Photo: Getty Images

Singer Fantasia performs at Bojangles Coliseum | Photo: Getty Images

She has an Instagram page with over 100k followers and pulls in tons of reactions whenever she makes a post on her social media page. 

A few days back, Zion shared a previously unseen post that featured a close up photo of herself. While she was lauded for her stunning looks, the striking resemblance between her and her mother, Fantasia, was a more exciting topic for her admirers. 

Unfortunately, fans couldn't comment on the post as Zion had her comments section deactivated, and the reasons for her decision remains unclear. 

In other news, Zion celebrated hitting the adult age milestone a few months back as she turned 18.

According to ESSENCE, mom, Fantasia took to Instagram to share a series of tributes which looked like a case of "sweet-sorrow" as her daughter hit the legal age. 

According to the outlet, Fantasia uploaded several photos and videos that captured different moments in Zion's life and followed up with a caption that detailed the experience of Zion's birth, childhood, and what the now 18-year-old's arrival meant to her.

Prior to this post, Fantasia and Zion had previously made headlines with another special social media upload that marked Zion's graduation from high school a year earlier. 

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Happy Birthday @onlyzion_ I can’t believe my Nugget is the Big 18th🎉 all week you have been reminding me that you’re about to be Legal and it only made me sad! Where did the time go Poo? You grew up to be such a Beautiful Young Lady. I remember the day my water broke-OMG!! It was the scariest feeling in the world. We lived in Winston Salem at the time and Papa Joe had left the house for a second and so I called the ambulance. Zi, I was terrified because I was so young and I wanted to give you the world but I didn’t know how I was going to do it. You came a lil early and at the time I was thinking it was because you were either nosey (lol) or you heard all my cry’s and felt you needed to come on out and protect me. Now I see it was the protection part and still to this day you go hard for Mommy! I’ll never forget when we had our own lil apartment, just me and you in Farmington. I’ll never forget when you stuck a bead up your nose and came running to me scared. I’ll never forget I had just dressed you so pretty in some fresh white Reebok Classics and you went and stood in the Toilet. Man!! I have so many stories🤗❤️😂 last one Zion, after IDOL ( We had a Dog named Diva) and Zion would hit her from time to time, she was 3 years old, and Diva would always get her butt right back. When she did, Zion would run in the room crying, “Diva Said, Diva Said”. I told her DIVA CANT TALK ZION!! 😂 (she swore up and down she could) I Miss those days but I’m So Proud Of the young Lady you’ve become. August 8-8-01 was a Perfect Day🎂🎈🎉🤗 Now I want you to Go be Great for Mama and know I’ll move Many Mountains For You Baby Girl👊🏾 it’s a Real Ones Birthday Help me celebrate the one who changed my Life @onlyzion_

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According to a report by BCK ONLINE, Fantasia uploaded a photo that featured Zion, who was 17-years-old as at then, captured in-between her and her ex-partner, Brandel Shouse. Brandel is Zion's dad. 

Fantasia welcomed Zion very early on at the age of 16. She subsequently had to drop out of school, and that's what led her to "American Idol," which she won in 2004.


Now, she's married to Kendall Taylor, who is a businessman and has another son, Dallas Xavier Barrino, which she had with her ex, Antwaun Cook. 

Zion's post comes after I LOVE OLD SCHOOL MUSIC noted that the young adult has made quite a transformation from her childhood days. 

"American Idol" winner in 2004 Fantasia Barrino celebrates her daughter Zion's fourth birthday while taking a spin in a Mad Tea Party teacup in Fantasyland at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom | Photo: Getty Images

"American Idol" winner in 2004 Fantasia Barrino celebrates her daughter Zion's fourth birthday while taking a spin in a Mad Tea Party teacup in Fantasyland at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom | Photo: Getty Images

Of course, fans would love to see more of Zion, and hopefully, she'll reactivate her comments soon to allow for adorning reactions from admirers.

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