Fantasia Is a Proud Mom as Daughter Zion Graduates from High School (Photos)

Fantasia Barrino shared a rare image of her daughter, Zion's father as they celebrated the 17-year-old's high school graduation. "Proud Parents," she wrote.  

Fantasia Barrino had nothing but pride for her daughter, Zion Quari Barrino who graduated from high school recently. The ecstatic mom took to her Instagram not just once but twice to celebrate the milestone and even shared a photo where she and her daughter are joined by Zion’s rarely seen father. 


It seemed like only a minute ago when Zion was an adorable little girl accompanying her mother to red carpet events. Now she’s 17 and on her way to an independent life. 

Zion was born when Fantasia was also 17. Her father is Brandel Shouse, the singer’s high school sweetheart. Their relationship fizzled shortly after Zion’s birth. Brandel was reportedly abusive and plead guilty to beating and choking her. 


In 2013, the exes were embroiled in a bitter battle over their daughter’s custody. Brandel challenged Fantasia’s capability as Zion’s primary parent by seeking for her physical and legal custody. 

Fantasia responded by fighting back and demanding for child support, something she claimed she never received from Brandel throughout their daughter’s life. 

“Zion [heart emoji] You changed my Life, you made all things right and at the time when most thought it was the End-for me when I became pregnant."


It’s unclear how that battle ended but by the looks of the recent photo Fantasia shared, they must have arrived at an amicable settlement.

“Proud parents,” the singer wrote to caption a rare image of Zion flanked by her mother and father during the teen’s graduation. “I’m so very proud of you,” Fantasia added. 


In a separate post, the 34-year-old shared images of her blooming daughter with her friends and wrote a longer message celebrating her. 

“Zion [heart emoji] You changed my Life, you made all things right and at the time when most thought it was the End-for me when I became pregnant. It was really the beginning of a Beautiful Journey and now Look at “you” look at that smile. #proudmom

Fantasia has been very vocal about how her life changed dramatically when Zion came to her life. She was a lost teenager who turned her back on her church, dropped out of school, and had been raped in her early teens. With the help of her mother, Diane who also had Fantasia when she was 17, she managed to raise Zion and lead her to where she is today.

Zion’s graduation is all the more sweeter knowing what Fantasia went through in the past to get to where they are now. 

Congratulations Zion and to your proud mom!