January 15, 2020

Daily Joke: Guy Makes Bet with a Bartender

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A young man's bet with a bartender had a hilarious ending, and also revealed who the smartest person is between the two men.

A young guy sat a bar enjoying a glass of beer until it became late. After a while, he was left in the bar with the bartender.

He decided to make a little money before heading home and pushed his empty glass towards the bartender. The guy told the other man that he could stand at the edge of the counter and spit directly into the glass.

Two drunk friends are at a bar together | Photo: Shutterstock


The bartender doubted the claim but decided to go along with it for $50. The guy got up, went to the counter's edge, and spat directly into the glass without his spit touching the surface.

He got the $50 and went home. The next day, he returned to the bar earlier and told the bartender,

"If I can do it again but with two glasses side by side, and without getting it on the counter, would you give me $100?"

Photo of a barman mixing drinks in a bar | Source: Shutterstock.com


The bartender thought it was an unachievable feat and went along with it. To his surprise, the guy spat from the edge of the counter straight into the two glasses without staining the surface.

As the evening progressed, the bartender decided to up the stakes but on his terms. He placed glass cups all over the bar and asked the guy to spit into them, for $200, without it touching the surface.

The guy agreed but asked for a few minutes to get ready. He then proceeded to spit as fast as he could, but the spit touched everywhere but the glasses.

A bartender pictured standing in a bar | Photo: Getty Images


The bartender, seeing the guy's failure, laughed at him, and demanded his money. The young fellow obliged, but as the other man turned to walk away, he said,

"I don't know why you feel like you won. I had a bet with the guy in the corner that I would spit all over your bar for $500, and you'd be happy about it."

The bartender turned red!

Bartender pouring Belgian beer in glass in the cafe Brugs Beertje | Photo: Getty Images


In another bar, a man walked in and ordered a martini with an olive. He took the olive out, placed it in a jar, and kept ordering until it got full.

Now drunk, the man staggered out with the jar, and a customer shook his head at the man's retreating form. The bartender saw the reaction and asked the fellow why he behaved that way.

The customer said that the man's action is quite peculiar. When the bartender asked him to explain, he said,

"The man's wife sent him out for a jar of olive."

One man in a bar is wondering what's going on behind him | Photo: Shutterstock

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