January 26, 2020

Woman Sparks Debate for Wanting to Donate Late Daughter's College Fund & Not Helping Stepdaughter Buy Home

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Internet users voiced their opinions after a woman shared her decision to donate her deceased daughter's fund instead of helping her stepdaughter purchase a home. 

Reddit user Rkglsjfj took to the social forum recently to ask fellow users if she would be wrong to choose to donate her late daughter's college fund to charity instead of giving it to her stepdaughter to help buy a house.

Last year, her 16-year-old daughter was killed in a tragic car accident. She and her ex-husband raised $25,000 for their child's college fund before the teen passed away.

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Recently, she got remarried to a man who has a 30-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, her stepdaughter doesn't like her since she's just three years older than her. She's 33, and her husband is 58. The woman wrote:

"My daughter was very passionate about the environment, and my ex husband and I discussed what we would do with the college fund. My husband says it was my daughter and I can do what I feel is right to honor her."

They decided to divide their daughter's college fund and donate to the charities they felt would make her glad. However, her stepdaughter is against her decision.

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The stepdaughter thinks they should split it evenly, and that she should get some cushion for buying a house since she's married to her father, and that makes her contribution his money as well. 

Her stepdaughter also thinks that donating $13,000 wouldn't mean anything to a big charity, and she could help someone she knows in real life.

Since the woman shared her post, it has accumulated quite a bit of attention.


The woman's husband has since joined her stepdaughter's side. She shared that her stepdaughter continually brings it up. She added:

"My stepdaughter is also not poor off financially. She can afford a house, she is single, my husband helped her pay off her debt before we got married."

Since the woman shared her post, it has accumulated quite a bit of attention. Also, it has received a lot of comments as individuals reveal their opinions.


One person wrote that in his opinion if she gives the fund to her stepdaughter, she'd be disrespecting her late daughter and her ex-husband.

Another user added that her daughter would be very honored with how she and her ex are choosing to honor her memory. Someone else commented that her stepdaughter is not entitled to her daughter's college fund.

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In another controversial post on Reddit, a man has caused quite a stir for responding negatively after his date revealed to him that she has a 4-year-old son.

He even told the woman he wasn't looking to date a mother. Many users also commented on his post, with one saying that he has every right to turn her down.