January 25, 2020

People: Julianne Hough's Husband Brooks Laich Still Hopes Things Will Work out With Wife Amid Rumored Marital Issues

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Julianne Hough and her husband, Brooks Laich, have recently been going through a rough patch, and amidst everything, the latter is being hopeful that things would work out.

On New Year's Eve, Hough co-hosted the NBC New year's Eve show, and viewers were quick to notice that the "Dancing With The Stars" coach was not wearing her wedding band.

Coupled with that, her social media followers noticed that in Hough's recent Instagram posts, her fingers were bare. Since then, there have been speculations that there might be trouble in paradise.

Brooks Laich and Julianne Hough at the Paint & Sip & Help event on October 12, 2017, in Los Angeles, California | Photo: Getty Images


Several sources have given PEOPLE their various accounts of what seems to be going on with the celebrity couple, Julianne and Hough.

According to the sources, the couple has been facing problems in their marriage, and although Hough seems to be happy with her life, Laich is holding on and hoping things work out. A source told People,

"If it was up to Brooks, he would stay married. And he is obviously still hoping things will work out with Jules."

Julianne Hough and her husband Brooks Laich kiss on the red carpet at the Industry Dance Awards at Avalon Hollywood, on August 14, 2019, in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images


Shortly after the rumors, the couple created more confusion with a shocking reunion at the airport. Hough was spotted running out of her car to welcome Laich, who had just returned from a trip. While he wore his wedding band, Hough didn't wear hers.

They hooked up with other couples and went to Mexico for a couples' retreat.


Amid all the rumors, Brooks seems like he is on his way to finding happiness. In his "How Men Think" Podcast, he proposed a concept of "pleasure first," saying he was going to implement it in his life.

Also, in a recent post on his Instagram page, he shared with his followers his new motto, putting happiness at the forefront. He captioned the post,

"I'm redefining my priorities, and putting happiness at the forefront. I'm making changes to my daily routine, and prioritizing the things that bring me the most joy. Everything else lines up behind those." 


A month before they hit their rough patch, Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich went on a romantic getaway. They hooked up with other couples and went to Mexico for a couples' retreat.

They were captured having loads of fun among friends. The duo, who has been married for over two years, tied the knot at an outdoor ceremony in Idaho in July 2017.

They do not have children together yet, but last year they opened up about their intention to try and get pregnant using Vitro fertilization.