January 28, 2020

Daily Joke: Man on Plane Asks Woman Seated Next to Him about Her Huge Diamond Ring

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Diamonds have never been considered cheap, but enjoy these jokes for cheap laugh to find out why that rule doesn't apply in every case.

A Big Diamond Comes with Big Problems

After boarding a plane, a businessman finds that he is sitting next to an elegant woman, who was wearing the largest ring he had ever seen in his life. After asking her about ring, she replied:

"This is the Bexfield diamond. It is beautiful, but there is a terrible curse that goes with it."

A young woman stares at her large diamond ring on her finger as she holds it in the air | Source: Getty Images


Fascinated by the woman's story, the businessman couldn't quite understand why she would be wearing a cursed item. So he asked for more details about the ring. Explaining its origin and what the curse was, the woman 


"Mr. Bexfield."


Painful Signs From A Mood Ring

A husband unhappy with his wife's mood swings, bought her a mood ring so that he would be able to monitor all her changing feelings as they come and go.

The couple soon discovered that when she was in a good mood, it would turn green. When she was in a bad mood, it would leave a big red mark on the man's forehead. Maybe next time he'll buy her a diamond.


The Portrait With A Lasting Impression

A woman looking to get her portrait painted went to see an artist at his studio. She told him that she wanted him to paint her wearing lots of expensive jewelry. When the man noticed that she wasn't wearing any jewelry herself, the women explained:

"I know, I don't own any either. But if I die, my husband is the kind of man that will get remarried right away. I want to drive his new wife crazy looking for the jewels."


Turning Diamonds into Stars

A woman and her son were driving down the road when "Sweet Caroline" came on the radio. Trying to impress her son, she revealed:

"Little known fact, Neil Diamond used to be called Neil Coal. Until the pressure got to him."


A Pack Of Diamonds Chosen Perfectly

With his wife's birthday was coming up, she told her husband that she would be happy with any gift as long as he got her something with a lot of diamonds in it.

Thinking he had gotten her the perfect gift, the man was convinced that she was going to love the pack of playing cards he bought.