January 29, 2020

Woman Who Found out She Was Not Invited to Her Estranged Dad's Funeral Sparks Heated Debate

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A woman has taken to the streets of Reddit to seek counsel after she was not invited to her estranged dad's funeral, and it caused a ruckus.

A confused woman who is looking for a piece of advice has taken to Reddit to share her story. 

A worried woman sitting behind her sofa and covering her face. | Photo: Pixabay


In the touching post, the Original Poster explained that her entire family, including her dad, stopped talking to her about seven years ago because of her new belief.

Unfortunately, during the time of the malice, her father passed away. 

The woman recounted that she got information about her dad's demise via a text from her sister, who made her know that she told her as a courtesy because it was better the OP didn't find out from Facebook. 

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Like that wasn't enough hurt, her uncle's response, when she asked about the funeral, devastated her. She recalled what her uncle said, saying:

"You aren't invited to the funeral, don't show up and embarrass you're family and cause your mother any more grief."

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Her uncle ended the call, and afterward, she got texts from some of her other siblings advising her to let go of her belief so that she can return to her family.

With all that has happened, the woman feels bad as she always had a special bond with her father and wants to risk it all to attend the funeral despite what might happen. Now, she wants to know if she'll be the bad person if she goes.

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Many Redditors rushed to give the OP their piece of advice as they urged her to go to the funeral if she truly wanted to. 

After several solutions from netizens, the OP updated her post and revealed that she went to meet her grandparents, and they explained to her that her dad wanted to reconcile before he passed away. 

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However, her mom didn't agree. Nevertheless, her dad persisted and, on his way, had an accident. Now that she understands that he wanted to be with her, she is inspired to be at his funeral to pay her last respects.

This is similar to a story of a woman who was in charge of planning her father's funeral alongside her sisters, but they left her to all the planning.

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While trying to prepare for the ceremony, two of her dad's children, who he fathered as a sperm donor, reached out to her to be a part of the day.

She agreed to them coming, but her sisters and mother didn't think that was right and had since been calling her names. She wants to know if she is in the wrong.