Inside Eric Dane's Life After Playing Mark 'McSteamy' Sloan on 'Grey's Anatomy'

With this role, he managed to be on the screens, and on the dreams of many followers who cried the mourn for his departure from the series. However, the role he has played later has had a greater impact on his acting career and on his followers.*

When Dr. McSteamy died at the beginning of the 9th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” everyone was devastated. The creator of the series, Shonda Rhimes, wrote an obituary for the character.

The reason for his departure from the series was not clear and the fans could not get out of his astonishment by losing one of the most beloved characters.

Eric Dane I Image: Getty Images

Eric Dane I Image: Getty Images


The reason behind Eric Dane's departure from the “Grey’s Anatomy” show is that Michael Bay offered him the lead role in the new drama, concerning a pandemic that strikes the planet by ending Earth's population.

His role as Tom Chandler, the Marines team leader who is responsible for saving the planet, is exciting, challenging and definitely something that Eric could not refuse. It is an opportunity to do something different from what he has been doing for the past eight years and he is eager to see where he is taking it.

Eric Dane I Image: Getty Images

Eric Dane I Image: Getty Images

The work done in “Gray’s Anatomy,” has left him satisfied and would have finished with the other characters until the last chapter of the series. However, the opportunity presented to him was of that kind that you cannot miss.


His participation as the plastic surgeon Mark McSteamy Sloan ended, and now as Tom Chandler, the medium where he develops is the sea. The series "The Last Ship" is about a ship with a group of marines who are seeking the cure of a virus that killed 80% of the world's population.

Eric Dane I Image: Getty Images

Eric Dane I Image: Getty Images

This role is much more physical than that of the plastic surgeon Mark McSteamy, although he stays longer with the shirt on. He has required Eric to stay fit, training hard. And starting a month after leaving “Grey’s Anatomy” it is clear that he had to make an effort.


Since Tom Chandler's role is that of a military man, his work has been very demanding. However, his effort has resulted in a recognition of his development as a military in that borderline situation.

In 2016, Naval Secretary Ray Mabus awarded him the Distinguished Public Service Award, the highest honor granted to a civilian, for leaving the Naval well, making them proud.


The show “The Last Ship” took a break in 2017 at the end of the 8th season, time that Eric took advantage of to take care of his health and his family. Dane has been fighting depression and asked for a few weeks to rest.

Eventually, Erick returned to work, later he would share that he started taking medication and he no longer felt depressed anymore. He has shared his experience to support people who have mental health problems, and who go to the doctor.


In 2017, Eric Dane starred in the feature film “Gray Lady” about a Boston policeman traveling to Nantucket to solve the murder of his partner, who is played by his real-life wife, Rebecca Gayheart.

The sad news is that Rebecca introduced the divorce papers in 2018, requesting custody of her two little daughters, Billie and Georgia. What is not clear is that they have not finalized the divorce. As of January 2020, Gayheart and Dane's marriage is still legally intact.

Eric Dane I Image: Getty Images

Eric Dane I Image: Getty Images

On Rebecca's Instagram account, she shared some pictures of the last hours of 2019 and the first of 2020, expressing her happiness because she had her family together. In the photographs, you can see Rebecca, her daughters, some friends and surprisingly, her still husband, Eric Dane.

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