February 03, 2020

Daily Joke: A Priest and a Nun Were on a Mission Trip up in the Mountains

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A priest and a young nun embarked on a trip to the mountains where the priest had an unusual dilemma.

Priests and Nuns have been known for years to embark on trips to distant places and locations to spread the gospel of the saints.

It was on one such journey that a veritable saint accompanied by a graceful nun got cornered by a blizzard. This time the travelers were on a mission trip that would take them up the mountains.

Priest giving the communion | Source: Getty Images


On their way up, the good duo got caught up in a blizzard. They sought refuge in an abandoned shack with an intact window and a battered door that managed to keep the wind out.

Inside, the priest got a fire going and began to rummage through the cabin. His search turned up blankets, a single sleeping bag, and a comfortable bed.

A Christian priest standing by the altar. | Photo: Shutterstock


Being a man of value and righteousness, the priest offered the nun the bed while he decided to use the sleeping bag on the floor.

The nun graciously agreed. The wind howling outside, the crackle of the fire from the hearth created a soothing atmosphere, and the weary duo began to settle down.

As they settled down, the following dialogue ensued: Nun: Father? Priest: Yes, sister? Nun: I'm cold.

An images of a Bonfire | Source: Mirror


On hearing this, the priest got up, went to the closet, and got the nun an extra blanket. He had her covered with it, making sure she was comfy.

As he settled back into his sleeping bag, the nun spoke up again: Nun: Father? Yes, Sister? The priest answered with false cheer. Nun: I'm still cold.

The priest again got up to get the nun another blanket, like before he also tucked her in. He returned to his sleeping bag.

Nun of the Order of the Hospitallers Acre, Israel, 13th century. | Source: Getty Images


Expecting another complaint from her, the priest remained anxious for some time. When it seemed none would be coming, he started to relax, started getting comfortable.

Just as his eyes began to droop, the nun called out yet again. "I'm still cold!  She groaned." Sister? The priest replied in an exasperated voice.


The Priest, however gave in and told the Nun, "We are all out here. On this mountain, it's just you and me." The Nun replied yes, to which the priest said, well "Just tonight." 

The pries asked the Nun if she would like them to pretend that they are married and the Nun replied yes. So the man of God said,

"Ok, get up, and get your blanket!"

We all know what was on the innocent nun's mind. *winks.

Source: unijokes