January 31, 2020

Daily Joke: Man Consults Lawyer after Neighbor Refuses to Repay His Money

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Today's #joke is about a man who couldn't stand the fact that his neighbor not only owed him money but had refused to pay his debts.

A man was approached by his neighbor for a $500 loan, which he needed to "take care of something" rather urgently.

A man in his office talking on the phone | Photo: Pixabay


The man, not one to ignore the pleas of a person in need, made no hesitation in handing the money over to his neighbor.

The grateful neighbor promised to repay the debt within three months or less.

The man agreed to the time limit set by his neighbor as he figured that three months was a short time to wait.

Hand of a man writting | Photo: Pixabay


However, one month turned into two, two months turned into three, three months turned into four, and the neighbor made no attempts to repay the man.

The man refused to make a fuss about the non-payment, but it soon became evident that his neighbor had no regard for their deal. 

Back view of a man walking away | Photo: Pixabay


After seven months of being owed by his neighbor, the disgruntled man finally went to his lawyer to ask for the next plan of action on the issue.

The man first explained to the lawyer that his neighbor, who owed him $500, had refused to pay him back after the agreed-up three months. The man then asked his lawyer for advice on how to handle the issue. 

Man signing papers in an office | Photo: Pixabay


His lawyer asked if the man had any proof that showed that he had carried out a transaction with his neighbor, and the man replied, "nope."

Upon hearing the response of his client, the lawyer's face lit up with a mischievous smile before he asked the aggrieved man to draft a letter to his neighbor asking for a refund of his $1000.

Shocked, the man turned to look at his lawyer for a few good minutes before he said:

"But it's only $500 he owes me."

A man showing shock or surprise emotion | Photo: Pixabay

The lawyer's smile broadened before he said:

"Precisely. That's what he will reply, and we will have the proof we need to nail him."

Well, that man's neighbor is about to receive quite the shock of his life!