Teen Whose Mom Is Famous Blogger Sparks Debate for Buying Hoodies with Phrases Saying She Doesn't Want to Be in Pics

Tichafa Chidzonga
Feb 04, 2020
04:00 P.M.
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A teenager whose mother is a famous Instagram influencer and blogger sparked debate over privacy issues for children on social media when they shared their challenges in having their photo taken all the time.


A teenager, who considers their mother to be a famous Instagram influencer, and blogger said after years of featuring on their mother's social media content, they don't want their image used anymore.

It was revealed that the mother started sharing pictures of the teen and little sister from the time they were growing up because she would share things on a mommy blog.


As the teenager is getting older, they are starting to worry about how having their entire life documented for the public will affect their career, safety, and dating life. Making a statement about not wanting their image used the teenager made a hoody with phrases on it, which said:

"No photos" "no videos" "i do not consent to be photographed" "no means no" "respect my privacy" "no cameras" "no profiting off my image."


Needless to say, the teenager's mother was upset because the hoody started to become a common fashion choice around the house and public events, making it harder to take family pictures for her social media. One commenter on Reddit praised the teenager for their boldness saying:

"People are finally beginning to figure out that kids deserve just as much right to give or deny consent as adults do when it comes to things like body autonomy."


Some of the commenters argued that the mother should try to find another job because she is ignoring the impact her social media activity is having on her children. Looking for legal interventions, another commenter argued:

"I agree there should be some type of legislation. We already have laws about child actors and this mommy blogger thing is very similar."

A young Asian female sits in front of personal camera and smiles as she holds up pink lipstick for a vlog video, Thailand | Source: Getty Images


Another Reddit user, whose 19-year-old shared a similar story about tension in their family over posting images without their consent.

The user admits to being mildly autistic, so they don't like posting images of themselves on social media; instead, they post images of pets and other random pictures.


They revealed that after an awards night for their sister, she posted a family picture which included the 19-year-old. After confronting her about posting it without her permission her sister took it down.

Most commenters seemed to agree that the sister knew that the user would not like the post, and shouldn't have posted it in the first place, and should have communicated with them before using their image.