Tia Mowry from 'Sister, Sister' Is All Smiles in Selfie with Grown Brother Tahj

Tia Mowry shares a sweet selfie with her brother Tahj following their sibling catch up that gives the actress "so much joy."

The Mowry siblings lead their own lives now that they're all grown and some with their own families, but they make sure to keep their bond strong by getting together whenever possible.

Tia and Tamera Mowry at a book signing event | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine

Tia and Tamera Mowry at a book signing event | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine


This time, it was Tia and Tahj Mowry who decided to meet up and spend some time together despite their busy schedules.

After all, the "Sister, Sister" star has always made it clear that she'd choose family over everything else. Gushing about their sibling bond, Tia reminded her followers to show love to everyone they care about as life is short. 

"Hug your loved ones! #familyovereverything! [Tahj Mowry] I love you! Our talks give me so much joy! As my younger brother, I couldn't wait until you got older so that we could just hang. Our monthly lunches mean the world to me."


After the death of Tamera's niece Alaina, their 90-year-old grandmother Clo, and most recently, Kobe Bryant's, Tia realized how important it is to keep in touch with family more than just meeting monthly. 

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Wow! Another year around the sun! It’s so mind blowing to me how fast time goes! Here are my #topten moments of #2019 in no particular order. 1.) I am so grateful for my family! They keep me motivated and strong! This picture is one of my favorite pictures on Mother’s Day! Being a mother to my two beautiful children will always be my greatest accomplishment. 2.) Losing 60 pounds my way and the natural way! I’m continuing to chose #selflove in #2020 3.)This is a #BTS picture of my new show #familyreunion! So happy to know everyone is enjoying this fun show! It happens to be one of @netflix top ten family programs. 🙌🏽 4.) I was so proud of this moment. #breastfeeding and pumping while working. I breastfed Cairo for 13 months and it will always be one of my favorite memories as a mother and accomplishments. 5.) Raising this one has been so fulfilling. Having a daughter has made me a better woman and person overall. Your children are watching you daily. I’m enjoying being your mother so much! 6.) Focusing on #mindfulness! Loosing my grandmother last January has really made me understand about perspective. Life is short. Finding peace and joy is a priority and will continue to be into #2020 7.) Getting to 500k followers on @youtube for @tiamowryquickfix! We are currently almost at 700k in just two years! 🙏🏽 8.) Cree, I am so proud of who you are becoming! You are my first born and my only son. You are so fun, considerate and have a heart of gold! Seeing you grow has been so fulfilling and exciting. You are so special and loved. This is a picture of your first head shot! Acting is in your blood! 9.) This is a photo of one of my most exciting projects yet that will be announced in a few days. Can’t wait for you to see what it is! 10.) This is one of my favorite photos! It was taken for a cover shoot for @romper Why is it my favorite? Because it shows me #yougotthis! And with that said! Here we come #2020! #wegotthis 💪🏽

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For her twin Tamera, while they don't need to work on their relationship as they're extremely close, the siblings have decided to meet up every week whenever it's possible because life is short. 

"Tamera lives in Napa, and she works, and I work. But after these passings, we realized how short life is. So she comes over every Sunday. We get our nails done, we drink wine, she sees the kids."


Aside from Tahj and Tamera, Tia also has a younger brother named Tavior. While they don't see each other as often as they could, she always reminds Tavior that she is always there for him. 

The Mowry siblings grew up knowing more about their mom's side of the family than their dad's, so in hopes of getting to know her dad's lineage more, Tia decided to take a DNA test.


As it turns out, her dad's lineage has traces of British, Irish, French, Scandinavian, and German descent. Meanwhile, her mom's side originated from Africa, particularly Ghana and Nigeria. 

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