Daily Joke: Police Officer Investigating an Accident Talks to the Drivers Involved

Driving always seems complicated at first, but sometimes even experienced drivers can make some of the most hilarious blunders when it comes to understanding the rules of the road.

Rules of the road

After arriving on the scene of an accident, a police officer was investigating the cause. He saw that it occurred on a two-lane, narrow road, and the drivers had hit each other head-on.

The first driver he approached was an elderly woman who kept emphasizing that the other driver did not rightfully give her enough space on her half of the road.

With a notepad in hand, the police officer took down as much information as he could before he approached the other driver. 

The other driver was already out of his vehicle and stood tentatively as he assessed the damage that had occurred in the accident.

When the police officer approached him for further inquiry, he told him that the old woman was adamant that she stuck to her side of the road and that he would not give her room to drive on her side of the road. Explaining his actions the man said:

"Officer, I would have been HAPPY to give her half of the road --- if she had just let me know WHICH half she wanted!!!!"

A man talks on his cellphone while driving on a highway on September 20, 2013, in Sao Paulo, Brazil | Source: Getty Images

A man talks on his cellphone while driving on a highway on September 20, 2013, in Sao Paulo, Brazil | Source: Getty Images

Red light racing

Two friends were driving together when the one friend sitting on the passenger's side of the vehicle noticed that his friend was driving very erratically.

Every time they would approach a red light, his friend, who was driving kept shooting through the red light with as much speed as he could.

After several teeth clinching moments of going through red lights in the same manner. He finally questioned his friend about why he was driving so recklessly.

Following another red light, he said: "Why'd you do that?" The friend explained that when he was growing up, his brother who had taught him how to drive would always drive like that.

When they came to another red light, he shot right through it. Frustrated, the friend questioned his driving once more, to which he replied:

"You never know, my brother could be coming the other way."

Sources: Jokes 4 All and Jokes of the Day.

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