February 22, 2020

Diana Ross Shares Sweet Clip of Granddaughter Jagger in Heart Print Dress Saying That She Loves Her Grandma

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Right on time for Valentine's Day, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross' daughter Jagger lets her grandmother Diana Ross know that she loves her in a heartwarming video shared by the iconic singer. 

Diana Ross definitely felt the love this Valentine's Day, as she was greeted with a sweet video by her granddaughter Jagger. In the video, the little girl is dressed in a heart-printed top and smiles as she says "I love you" to her grandmother. 

Since the day of Jagger's birth, Diana Ross has been a hands-on grandmother. She was there since her birth, and while they aren't always together every day, they make sure to keep in touch and send videos such as the one she just recently shared. 


Ashlee Simpson once called her "the most beautiful, kind, loving mother-in-law."

Diana Ross performs on-stage at a concert | Source: Getty Images/GlobalImagesUkraine



In fact, even when Evan and Ashlee decided they'd be the first ones to welcome their baby girl into the world, Diana was there behind the curtain, watching as they delivered the little girl. 

While it seems like an issue from an outsider's perspective, it wasn't that big of a deal for Evan and Ashlee, as they have a great relationship with the iconic songstress. 

Ashlee Simpson once even called her "the most beautiful, kind, loving mother-in-law" during one of her birthday posts for Diana, and it just shows how simple and genuine their relationship is as a family. 



Aside from Jagger, she also has a grandson named Raif-Henok Hendrick, who is now an internet sensation because of his extraordinary talent of speaking four different languages. 


Since he was only three years old, the little boy could already speak in English, French, Chinese Mandarin, and Spanish, while having a conversation with his mother.




Raif is Rhonda Ross' son to Rodney Kendrick, and after the proud parents discovered their son's natural gift, they decided to hone it through the years. 

Truly, the Ross family is an incredible one, as they have such a stellar role model to look up to. Thanks to Diana's guidance, her children have grown up to excel in their own career paths, and her grandchildren are starting to do the same.