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Woman Roasted for Revealing Older Sister Got Botox to People Who Think She's the Younger One

Comfort Omovre
Mar 07, 2020
08:00 P.M.
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A woman gets trolled following her revelation on the Reddit. The 22-year-old opened up that she tells people her older sister got botox, anytime they compliment her on looking younger. 


The Reddit platform consists of various stories and real-life experiences shared with the hope of receiving advice from online users.

Recently, a participant posted a story about how her 26-year-old sister often gets admiration when they both got out. The poster's sister initially got botox to get rid of a migraine.

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However, the compliments don't stop at the admirers praising her beauty, but they go as far as insinuating that she is the younger sibling.

Towards the end of the post, the poster detailed a recent event where the flirty attendant applauded the seemingly younger-looking sister.

However, this angered the 22-year-old, who immediately revealed that her sister owes her beauty to botox injections.

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Numerous comments showed that her move was uncalled for, as she has no right to get upset. A Reddit user wrote:

"...That's like being upset that someone compliments your muscle and you don't detail them all your workout routine...No dude, that's literally how you build your muscles."

Another user stated that it was out of sheer jealousy and attention that the poster rudely embarrassed her sister.

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One comment explained that the move further revealed the difference in the sibling's appearance, stating that "all you did was to make yourself look ugly."

Again, someone drew an analogy of a nose surgery aimed at salvaging a medical condition and asked if the 22-year-old would go around telling onlookers that her reconstructed nose looked nicer because she got a rhinoplasty done.

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Another Reddit post centered on the medical procedure, which was received by a group of friends at a subsidized rate. Eventually, however, one of the friends got charged more even though she was the most loyal of the women to continue with the service.

After sharing her story, a user advised that she let go of her service provider without any confrontation. @GoldenGirl925 said,

"You already found a new provider anyway. Let it go."

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Another 22-year-old who has been dating his lover for five years sought the opinion of others after he confessed his displeasure to his girlfriend on her botox treatment.

He got his response from various persons who analyzed the effects of his actions. The platform provides different judgments categories that give an informative experience to mere readers.