Daily Joke: After Trying New Shampoo, Guy Sends Letter of Approval to the Manufacturer

Busayo Ogunjimi
Mar 14, 2020
07:30 P.M.
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A man's enthusiastic letter to a shampoo manufacturer after trying a product led to an unexpected outcome, and a hilarious ending.


A man decided to let go of his old shampoo and try a new product. After using the new shampoo, and impressed with the result he got, the man wondered the best way to let the manufacturer know how he felt.

Photo of a man washing his hair with a shampoo | Photo: Getty Images


After bouncing different thoughts around in his mind, the man decided to pen what he called a "Satisfactory letter of approval" to the manufacturer.

Several weeks later, after the man had given up on getting a response, he got a pleasant surprise. He arrived home from work one evening to find a carton addressed to him.

Photo of a young man writing on a book | Photo: Getty Images


The man's wife sat in the living room, eagerly waiting for him to go through the content. The man found in the carton different samples of the manufacturer's products like soaps, detergents, toothpaste, and paper towels.

He took his time looking through each item, and when the man's wife could not wait any longer, she asked him what he thought. The man smiled at his wife, and proudly informed her,

"Next time, I will write to General Motors!"

Photo of a mid 20's couple doing some grocery shopping at a local supermarket | Photo: Getty Images


Not too far from where the man and his wife lived, a young lady was throwing out a trash bag that contained only shampoo bottles when her neighbor walked up to her.

The neighbor commented on how many the jars were. The lady proudly replied that she follows the instruction on the bottle and goes through one per day.

Photo of two girls throwing garbage to recycling dumpster | Photo: Getty Images


Shocked by the response, the neighbor asked what she meant by "Following the instruction." The young lady replied, "Well, the bottle says to rinse, lather, and repeat, but it doesn't say 'stop!'"

The neighbor was rendered speechless.

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