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Paul Fusco, Andrea Elson & Rest of 'Alf' Cast 30 Years after the Series Last Aired

Busayo Ogunjimi
Mar 22, 2020
03:00 A.M.
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It is almost thirty years since the television series "Alf" ended, and those who brought the series to life have gone on to do well for themselves, with most of them no longer in the acting scene.


"Alf," the hairy alien that came from the planet Melmac, is a character from the 1986 to 1990 television series by the same name, "Alf." The alien was taken in by the Tanners and became a member of their family.

It has been almost thirty years since the show ended, and many people wonder where the cast of the show is and what they are doing with their lives. Although one of them is dead, others have gone on to do considerably well.

Max Wright, Benji Gregory, Andrea Elson, and Anne Shedeen with ALF aka Alien Life Form in still from the TV show "ALF" on May 23, 1986 in Los Angeles, California | Photo: Getty Images



Following the end of the show, Max went on to become a theater actor acting in plays such as "A Midsummer Night's Dream," among others. While he had been diagnosed with Lymphoma in 1996 and had battled it, there was a reoccurrence that led to him losing his life in 2019.

Anne, on the other hand, went on to act briefly in some television series such as "Judging Amy" before ultimately leaving the acting scene. She became a coach for comedy actors and an ambassador for a charity named "Holiday Homes."

Max and Anne played the roles of Dad Willie Tanner and mum Kate Tanner in the series. For Max, the series was a difficult one to shoot because it was hard playing second fiddle to a puppet.


Kate felt the same way although her issue had to do with the long hours spent in preparing for the shoot of an episode. Despite their feelings, the two put their biases aside and gave heartwarming performances.

Paul Fusco speaks at the HBO Documentary Screening Of "RFK's Last Journey" at HBO Theater on June 7, 2011 in New York City. | Photo: Getty Images



Ben and Andrea played the role of Brian and Lynn in "Alf." The two were the children of Willie and Kate in the series and have grown up to chart wonderful careers after the series ended.

Benji decided to study film at the university, but after that, he decided to leave the scene entirely, saying he was done with show biz. While others might have found the set of "Alf" uncomfortable, Andrea found love there.

It was there she met her husband, Scott Hopper, and the two got married in 1993. Although she tried her hands at some acting, she is now concentrating on being a wife, mother, and yoga instructor.


Actor Max Wright, actress Andrea Elson, and actress Anne Schedeen attend the NBC Television Affiliates Party on June 2, 1987. | Photo: Getty Images


Paul Fusco was the puppeteer handling the role of "Alf," in the series. He was also the writer, producer, and director of the series.


When the show ended, Paul tried to ensure that there were other opportunities for the character, "Alf," although most of those plans fell through.

Now Paul, who is in his late sixties, still works as a puppeteer and has had some acting stints in various sitcoms, most notably in the series "Young Sheldon."

Anne Schedeen on a scene of "Go Ahead and Cry" - aired on December 16, 1975. | Photo: Getty Images



Following the cancellation of the show in 1990, there have been many attempts to bring "Alf" back to the TV screens, and some of these attempts have been successful and unsuccessful.

One of such successful attempt was the movie "Project Alf," which was released in 1996 as a means of completing the storyline from six years before. 

Paul Fusco and filmmaker Jennifer Stoddart attend the HBO Documentary Screening Of "RFK's Last Journey" at HBO Theater on June 7, 2011 in New York City. | Photo: Getty Images


An unsuccessful attempt for "Alf," was the talk show. Although it garnered much interest in the first episode, after seven episodes, the talk show was stopped and pulled back completely. 

Although there have been talks about a CGI remake of "Alf," with Sony in 2012, nothing has been done. While it will be wonderful to see a remake or new version, people are content with seeing the alien in pog form on "The Simpsons."