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Joseline Hernandez Fans Think Her Daughter Looks Unhappy as She Meditates with Mom in Photo

Pedro Marrero
Mar 23, 2020
09:40 A.M.
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The “Joseline’s Cabaret” star is taking refuge in meditation to navigate her complicated life, but her little daughter Bonnie is not having any of it, as a recent social media post proves.


On March 18, the 33-year-old Puerto Rican-American TV personality Joseline Hernandez, who prefers to be called by her first name, tried to find some peace of mind by meditating, and she tried to have her daughter doing the same.

Joseline shared a picture of the mother-daughter moment in her Instagram feed, with the two sitting on the sand with their legs crossed and the sea behind, and while the star looked very serene, little Bonnie Bella Jordan looked rather upset.


Joseline’s many followers were the first to notice the unhappy expression of the 3-year-old girl, and they weren’t shy from taking to the comments section of the post to point it out.

“(Bonnie) definitely doesn’t wanna be here (sic) right now lol,” user cosmo_lady20 wrote in reaction to the post. “That child looks unhappy,” added another user based on the child’s face.


It is confirmed by science that meditation is of great benefit for children’s brains, but even if Bonnie doesn’t feel ready to stay still just yet, Joseline could use this practice to help her deal with her ex-husband, DJ Stevie J.


Ever since the televised relationship came to an unpleasant end in 2016, Joseline and Stevie have been virtual enemies, and the two were involved in a four-year custody battle for their shared daughter.

Even though Joseline was ultimately granted the custody of Bonnie, she briefly lost it to the child’s father, something that the also rapper tried to hide from the public, probably out of pride.

But Joseline’s version of the events has been suddenly proven to be untrue, now that a recent episode of “Marriage Bootcamp” featured clips from when she heard the original decision of the judge, granting the child’s custody to Stevie.


The star was visibly devastated by the idea of been separated from Bonnie, and after bursting out in tears, she was consoled by the show’s therapist “Dr. Ish.”


Nevertheless, despite the throwback, things appear to be a lot better between the former husband and wife, and Joseline shared in a February 2020 interview that she and her ex were “cool” with each other.


Stevie has since married singer Faith Evans, and Joseline is engaged to also DJ Ballistic Beats, and Joseline told Hollywood Life that the two couples are in good terms and all collaborating as co-parents.

“At the moment I was just a bit confused on everything that was going on. But we are doing such an amazing job of co-parenting and everything is just, everything is cool with us. You have to do that when there are kids involved.”

-Joselin Hernandez, Hollywood Life, February 7, 2020.