New Yorker, 26, Urges Young People to Practise Social Distancing after Her COVID-19 Diagnosis

Lois Oladejo
Mar 27, 2020
01:30 A.M.
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In an exclusive report, 26-year-old Fiona Lowenstein can be seen urging young people to take the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic seriously after testing positive to the virus.


Fiona Lowenstein is a New York City woman who didn't think anything of the Coronavirus pandemic until she was positively diagnosed with the virus.

During the interview, which was aired by CNN, Fiona claimed she thought she could ride out the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus at home, but things quickly turned bad, resulting in her spending two nights in the ER.

Smartphone with logo with pills and vaccine. Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV | Photo: Getty Images


Fiona says that she started to develop a fever on March 13, which persisted to the next day, when she began experiencing cough symptoms. 

The young New Yorker claims things got better after two days, and she set about her usual tasks. However, her condition took a sudden turn for the worse, leading to shortness of breath. In her words:

"It exacerbated throughout Monday to the point where I had to go to the ER because I couldn't speak, couldn't walk, couldn't eat..."

Respiratory mask on desk in office, Protective medical mask with 2019-nCoV | Photo: Getty Images


Lowenstein had to be admitted to the hospital for two days, where she was stabilized and placed on oxygen. She has since been discharged but remains in isolation, as she recovers from the infection.

Another millennial, Valerie Wilson, 34, told CNN's Erin Burnett that she initially brushed off her symptoms when she started feeling sick.

More than 42,000 established Coronavirus cases have been reported in the US.

Fiona recounting her experience with COVID-19 On CNN | Photo: CNN


Wilson eventually lost her sense of smell and taste completely.

Valerie claimed her doctor

didn't still think she had the virus.

But after developing a strong cough, she rushed back to the doctor's office, scared, and said she was quickly tested without any hesitation. Valerie, who has some other underlying health issues, advised other young people saying:

"... by the age of 30... there's a good portion of us that do have some sort of underlying condition so we all need to be aware ..."


Currently, more than 42,000 established Coronavirus cases have been reported in the US, and at least 541 deaths recorded so far.

Recently, the White House's coronavirus response co-ordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx, pointed to some worrying reports emanating from France and Italy about young people seriously ill in ICUs from the virus.

Deborah called on Millenials to practise social distancing to protect themselves and their loved ones from the looming danger of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a related case, a man from Wickford in Essex, Andy Hardwick, who recently contracted the virus, says he wouldn't wish the symptoms on his enemies, as it "comes in waves."


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