April 09, 2020

Shannon Bennett Fiance Opens up About Losing Him After the Sheriff's Deputy Died From Coronavirus

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Jonathan Frey, the fiancé of a Florida Sheriff who recently died from the Coronavirus, has come out to give a statement on his late husband. 

In a recent interview, Jonathan expressed his disbelief and heartbreak at learning of his fiancé's death. He also added that it has been quite difficult for him to cope with the reality in front of him. 

Before he died, Shannon worked for the Broward County Sheriff's Office. The office announced last week that he had passed away from the coronavirus pandemic, following a two-week battle with the infection. 

Illustration of blood drawn to test for the COVID-19 coronavirus. | Source: Pixabay.


The announcement described Shannon as a proud member of Florida's gay community. The Sheriff's Office added that he was devoted to helping young people and maintaining safety and orderliness in the city. 

However, additional information has come out about Shannon within that time. The 39-year-old had served in the Sheriff's Office for 12 years, and he was getting ready to tie the knot. Sadly, all of that is gone now, as he's passed away. Jonathan said of his deceased fiancé,

"I imagine this is going to be the hardest thing I ever have to deal with. It's coming in waves, and I'm taking it minute by minute. But, ultimately, I want Shannon's story to be told."


Illustration of the global coronavirus pandemic. | Source: Pixabay.

Jonathan added that he had met Shannon in 2013 when he was volunteering at an LGBTQ mental health center. However, they only started dating 18 months ago and were looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together.

Shannon proposed last December, and they've been planning their wedding ever since. However, Shannon got infected with the virus early on and didn't go for a check-up until it was too late. In due time, his condition worsened, and he lost his life eventually. 


Florida has the 8th highest number of coronavirus cases in the United States.


The coronavirus has hit the United States particularly hard. The nation now tops the charts for affected countries across the world, effectively making it the new epicentre for the virus. 

Florida has the 8th highest number of coronavirus cases in the United States, with over 14,000 confirmed cases and almost 300 deaths so far.


Of course, other states have it pretty bad as well. Earlier this week, Jason Hargrove, a bus driver from Detroit, passed away. The driver had to continue working during the lockdown, and he recently posted a Facebook video where he worried about his safety. 

In the video, Jason had explicitly pointed out that he once carried a passenger who continued to cough without covering her mouth.

He urged everyone to show some empathy for one another. Sadly, he caught the virus as a result of the nature of his work and died. 


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