Brooke Baldwin of CNN Shares Her COVID-19 Battle Experience

One of CNN's top journalists, Brooke Baldwin, shared an explicit detail of how she handled and treated COVID-19.

Being hit with the novel coronavirus is not a palatable experience, and the fact that the virus has led to the distortion of everyday life is more than enough scare. Thousands of people have tested positive for the virus globally, and the numbers rise by the day. 

Brooke Baldwin attends The 2018 DVF Awards at United Nations on April 13, 2018 in New York City. | Photo: Getty Images

Brooke Baldwin attends The 2018 DVF Awards at United Nations on April 13, 2018 in New York City. | Photo: Getty Images

While the disease has caused scare, deaths, and other devastating consequences, some individuals have reacted positively to treatments, leaving them as testimonies of the unrelenting support of health care professionals and a quest to fight through.

Brooke Baldwin is one happy family woman who was diagnosed with the illness. She is now COVID-19 free but wants the world to know what it felt like dealing with the disease. In her explanation, she said:

"I got sick and lost the ability to do my job, I was suddenly cut off from my purpose, and even isolated...left to face the virus first-hand all by myself."

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*We can do hard things.* I’m a gal who needs tangible progress. I can get the sh*t knocked out of me— but then little by little, I know that I will recover. The tricky thing with #covid19 is... you think you’re improving and then your body gives you the 🖕🏼. Last night turned out to be my worst so far — aches, chills, highest fever I’ve had. Tears. It wasn’t pretty. But I woke up this morning after a monster night sleep (the length of sleep I don’t think I’ve had since junior high school) feeling rested and at peace. My husband (who thus far has proven to be Superman) brought me our little routine of toast and tea — neither of which I can smell or taste — and I sat here solo just brimming with gratitude. This will all be over soon enough. I’ll go back to joining the rest of you in zoom calls and virtual work outs 💦 and wondering when this will all end and what the net effect of it all will be. (That teachers and nurses need a serious RAISE.) But in the meantime, this past week I have heard from THOUSANDS of you. And in my lowest moments with this thing, what would keep me from completely spinning out, would be reading notes and texts and comments from you. Growing up in the South... the thing my mom would always be yammering to us kids: BE KIND. Turns out — it’s been YOUR kindness to me that has been 100% the most overwhelming part of this experience. And I just want to say from the bottom of my heart: thank you. ♥️ #community #kindness #gratitude #effcovid19 #nyc

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Though she had the support of her husband, the will to continue to report the stories of victims of the virus and take notes from meetings with top government officials as was her duty was truncated. Brooke revealed that the feeling of loneliness still hurled deep inside her, which was compounded with a sickly feeling.

Chris isn't hiding the fact that he is heartbroken with the news, but has maintained his determination to help his family through this in the best possible way.

She began to lose her sense of taste, and her body gave way only to be reconnected by her "selfless" husband whose steadfast love caused her to hold on and fight.

The CNN correspondent mentioned how her experience made her pay more attention to the fragments of life. The things humans are too distracted from seeing. According to her:

"The clarity this can bring is more illuminating than anything I could have uncovered. When I was sick, my body came to a screeching stop. I stopped doing and started feeling."

Without any treatment from any medical staff, Brooke was able to bounce back and has extended her heart of gratitude via a series of posts detailing her appearance and advising fans to stay safe.

Sadly, another CNN official, Chris Cuomo, was diagnosed with COVID-19. The "Cuomo Prime Time" host has, however, continued to broadcast from his home.

He is yet to show any signs of the disease and has shown nothing but positive vibes at beating the disease via his numerous tweets. 

Though his wife has tested positive to the novel coronavirus, and Chris isn't hiding the fact that he is heartbroken with the news, he has maintained his determination to help his family through this in the best possible way.

ⓘ We at AmoMama do our best to give you the most updated news regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, but the situation is constantly changing. We encourage readers to refer to the online updates from CDС, WHO, or Local Health Departments to stay updated. Take care!

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