Chris Cuomo of CNN Speaks out about Son Mario's COVID-19 Diagnosis

This week, Chris Cuomo’s wife, Cristina, took to Instagram to share the sad news that their son, Mario, had caught the novel coronavirus disease. Now his father has addressed the diagnosis.

Hours after his wife announced their son’s positive diagnosis with COVID-19, CNN anchor Chris gave a brief update on his heath. During Wednesday’s episode of “Cuomo Prime Time,” the journalist lamented: "The virus worked through the family.”

The star gave the update while speaking to his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Chris has just recently come out of self-quarantine in his basement after battling the virus for weeks.

Cristina and Chris Cuomo at the 7th annual "Stand Up for Heroes" benefit on November 6, 2013, in New York City | Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Cristina and Chris Cuomo at the 7th annual "Stand Up for Heroes" benefit on November 6, 2013, in New York City | Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Chris’s son has the novel coronavirus disease

His wife also contracted the virus as Chris was starting to recover after revealing he had COVID-19 on March 31, 2020. Speaking to his brother the journalist shared that Mario, 14, had the same symptoms his wife had.

Cristina confessed in her post that the teenager had lost his sense of smell and taste. On his show, the CNN anchor also said: "It's working its way through, but they're doing fine."

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First smile in a long while ❤️

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Andrew show’s Chris support

His brother supportively responded: "He's going to be OK.” All seemed well in the Cuomo home when the family patriarch was recorded as he made his first ascent from his basement on Monday.

Coming out of quarantine

He tried to keep his family safe by giving them elbow-bumps to avoid infecting them. The star has taken his fans through his battle with COVID-19.

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Week Two done of Chris’ Corona. Today is day 18 of a very slow, skittish recovery. He successfully turned the corner away from his severe symptoms and the potential danger of pneumonia, but still feels consistently light-headed, week, fever on, fever off. So to build up his strength, I gave him more good foods, dr. Linda’s herbs + homeopathy, and lots of vitamins necessary for this time + non-toxic quinine (Cinchona Officialis) to combat this oxygen-eating virus. He had a stress-free diet this past week (that isn’t taxing on the liver and doesn’t consume energy) consisting of cooked foods like soups, lentil, chicken, legumes + vegetables. It takes a lot of energy to break down raw foods, especially when you’re sick. Good food is medicine! 🥗🥦🍇🥑🥥🥕🧅 For Easter, lots of sun and walking. Lung-expanding breathing exercises 5x a day. 🌼🌼🌼 Keeping one’s spirits up is paramount; when you have any kind of a virus your will goes down. This is a virus of isolation, so one of the best remedies for any illness is simply ♥️ + humor. Thanks to the friends who have been religious in their efforts to make him smile. Laughter is always the best medicine. 🌝 See full diary week two of his medicine + food + symptoms by clicking the link in my bio above. 💛 #corona #naturalremedies

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Keeping viewers updated on diagnosis

He regularly updated his viewers with how he was feeling, mostly with the assistant of fellow co-worker Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  During the week, Chris was also spotted while getting in some exercise.

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On this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, show kindness toward our planet and every creature who inhabits it, as the transcendent photographer, adventurer, preservationist and raconteur Peter Beard advised us. My old friend’s recent death offers an eerily timely punctuation on this virus and a reminder that we can’t forget to protect one another, and the animals that roam the Earth. 🌏🌏🌏 This virus has created a different version of me. My hope is to be stronger, healthier, smarter about the virus at large. 💙💙💙After 10 days of ups and downs, feeling good one-day and terrible the next, I am now working toward getting my son, Mario, through the virus. My heart hurts more than my head over his infection. This virus does not discriminate. While kids are more resilient, they can suffer same severity of symptoms. I’m applying a modified version of my remedies for his protocol with a focus on lots of vitamins. Since his sense of smell and taste have disappeared, I am feeding him healthy foods that I normally can’t get him to touch. I kept a diary of the past week of my road to recovery. 🙏 Link in bio, as they say.

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Chris takes a jog in his neighborhood

He was photographed while jogging in his neighborhood and keeping fit after struggling to overcome the virus. Chris was seen exercising near his Hamptons home.

What he wore for his jog

He wore a hat bearing his own CNN show's logo, a green sweatshirt underneath, a gray one on top, sunglasses, blue sweatpants, and sneakers. In his hand, he held a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

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