Madeleine Albright Talks about Quarantine Life as an Extrovert

Madeleine Albright is keeping things simple while staying as busy as she can amid the coronavirus pandemic. Like most people, one of her main struggles has to do with the social aspects of it.

Former US secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, has a fairly straightforward schedule for life during the lockdowns caused by the coronavirus. 

She shared her daily routine with USA Today, as well as her current reads, her favorite meal of the day, and how she's staying in touch with others using Zoom software.


Albright, 82, hasn't abandoned her wake-up time, which stands at 5 am. Every day, she takes an early shower and "gets [her] act together" before going downstairs to read the newspapers. 

By 7:30, she's fully dressed — even if no one might see her — and has her makeup on. A couple of hours later, she either does a Zoom meeting or prepares for classes. She teaches at Georgetown University. 

The elderly lady is fortunate enough to have breakfast prepared for her on a daily basis. Her favorite breakfast arrangement is poached eggs and crispy turkey bacon. 


Albright uses Zoom to talk to her sister and daughters every day. She speaks to her grandchildren now and then. Zoom is also the means for communication with her students. 

Additionally, Albright has created a group that consists of former foreign ministers. But she says it's tiring because you "don't get the same vibes from people that you need as an extrovert." 

The former secretary of state is doing her best to counteract a character trait which she seems to have deemed a major disadvantage amid the COVID-19 situation. 


She explains: "I do think one of the problems is that I am an extrovert – I am trying to learn to be an introvert. The most important thing is you have control over your mood."

To help her cause, Albright has decided she'll try to do at least one specific thing each day. She's already doing well by exercising around 5:30 pm each day. 

The elderly woman takes laps around her yard, does back exercises, and even steps on the treadmill if it's rainy outside. She'll often multi-task by watching the president's press conference while exercising. 


Albright watches a lot of news, so she's always updated on the goings-on around the world. Last week, she praised Australia for its efforts to contain the pandemic.

Again, Albright talked about people staying in control of their mood. She said there are a lot of opportunities to improve on in terms of overcoming the outbreak. 


Albright recently released her third memoir, titled "Hell and Other Destinations: A 21st Century Memoir," which focuses on the idea of an alliance to move past our current struggle with the virus. 

In the book, Albright also speaks about her journey to where she is today. After leaving her post in the Clinton administration, Albright had a lot of goals. She decided to go for all of them.

And so she has, becoming an actress, adviser, professor, author, drummer, and much more. The once serious secretary of state is living her life as she pleases. 


While Albright has been lucky enough to avoid the coronavirus, current UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson wasn't so fortunate. The 55-year-old world leader was diagnosed back in late March. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressing the nation from 10 Downing Street, London, as he placed the UK on lockdown amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) | Photo: Getty Images

Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressing the nation from 10 Downing Street, London, as he placed the UK on lockdown amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) | Photo: Getty Images

In early April, he gave all who knew him quite a scare when he headed into the intensive care unit at the St. Thomas Hospital. Thankfully, John has since recovered and is back at work as of Tuesday. 

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