Dylan Dreyer to Rejoin 'Today' in 7 Days after Maternity Leave

American TV meteorologist Dylan Dreyer will reportedly make her return to "Today" in seven days, after going on maternity leave earlier in the year. 

Dylan Dreyer is an American television meteorologist working for NBC News. She is a weather anchor who rotates with Sheinelle Jones in the Orange Room on Weekend Today and MSNBC on weekends. 

 Dyaln Dreyer pictured on the set of "Today" show on Tuesday May 14, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images

Dyaln Dreyer pictured on the set of "Today" show on Tuesday May 14, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images

Dreyer frequently appears on "Today," on weekdays, as a weather correspondent and as a fill-in for Al Roker and Carson Daly. The anchor went on maternity leave earlier in January following the birth of her son, Oliver.

She took to her Instagram page on Monday to share a cute photo of the little bundle of joy, enjoying a nap. Recalling how distraught she was about leaving her first son, Calvin, home alone with her husband in 2017, she wrote in her caption

"One week left of maternity leave! I remember at this point with Calvin, I was so emotional thinking about heading back to work."

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This is hands down the best picture I have ever taken. It’s my son Ollie. Dyl and I love this picture so much it’s so raw and so powerful. It’s this gift from God coming into the world as pure as he’ll ever be. Why post this picture.....i just want to say It is amazing how fragile life and the system is. It’s so important to know the individual power we all have. We decide what happens next with our actions. Politics and Monday morning quarterbacking aside regarding the virus let’s all take care. Nothing bad has ever happened from people being the very best version of their present selves. I recognize the obvious “who died and made you the moral authority on the corona virus?” I’m no one...just someone who’s going to be the best version of myself for my family. Nothing bad has come from that. For those of you like myself who are lactose intolerant, I apologize for being too cheesy. #bekind #beyourbestself #takecare #alwaysendonajoke

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She reportedly broke down on air when her husband, Brian Fichera, called in to say hi from home with their baby in his arms. As her caption lengthened, the 38-year-old mother of two termed her return to the "Today" show "bittersweet."

Dylan referred to how she would be working from home due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, Dreyer is looking forward to being with her co-workers once again. 

Calvin always wants to hold his brother.

The post was met with positive comments from fans of the beautiful weather anchor who can't wait to have her back on the show. 

Dreyer has been enjoying her time at home with her family; last week she reportedly got rid of her husband's hair, replacing it with a tidy buzz cut that has been winning rave reviews. 

Fichera, who is just recovering after enduring the COVID-19, took to Instagram to post the before-and-after photo of his hair. He captioned the post:

"Sorry to displace that family of birds living in my hair, new look courtesy of Dylan Dreyer, the demon barber of Fleet Street."

Aside from dealing with her husband's hair, Dreyer has been keeping busy with both of her kids — the brothers are reportedly getting along. 

According to Dreyer, Calvin always wants to hold his brother. She believes the bond between the brothers has grown strong and will only keep growing. 

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