April 30, 2020

Don Lemon's Fiance Tim Malone Celebrates His Mother's Birthday With a Sweet Post

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CNN Reporter, Don Lemon's fiancé celebrated his mother's birthday with a sweet message that included photos from his childhood and recent family pictures.

Don Lemon's fiancé Tim Malone recently celebrated his mother's birthday. Although he couldn't be with her in person, he shared a sweet message. In his caption, he joked:

"Happy Birthday Mom ❤ never ask a woman her age but it’s a big one."


Tim took his fans on a walk down memory lane with some of his favorite throwback pictures from his childhood.

He shared many pictures of his mother embracing him as a young boy, and a few rarely seen snaps of Don with his family. One fan joined in the joke about his mother's age and gushed over his family.

A fan commented photo Tim Malone posted from his childhood in honor of his mother’s birthday | Source: Instagram.com/timpmalonenyc


A year ago, on Tim's own birthday, he turned the table on Don with a special surprise and proposed with a very unique gift.

Tim got their dogs, Boomer, and Barkley, to participate in the special moment by wearing dog tags that spelled out the proposal. The tags read, "Daddy, will you marry papa."


Shortly after his proposal, Don shared his excitement with CNN and admitted that it was "a wee bit terrifying." However, it was a moment he had never expected, he explained:

"I grew up thinking that I would never be able to be public with my relationships, let alone ever get legally married."


Tim and Don have been engaged for a year. According to The Oprah Magazine, the couple is not rushing down the aisle anytime soon.

Don revealed that he had gotten a lot of advice from people to avoid getting obsessed with wedding planning and to try to enjoy the moment. So the couple has no set plans and is taking everything in stride.

Don had previously mentioned to CNN that the engagement had put the idea of having children as a possibility for their future.

For now, they are a complete family of four with their Boomer and Barkley. According to Daily Mail, the couple and their dogs enjoyed a family vacation in Miami Beach in January.