May 11, 2020

Daily Joke: A Couple Go for a Meal at a Chinese Restaurant

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A loving couple stop by at a Chinese restaurant and get a surprising order.

A husband and wife were excited to go for a meal at a Chinese restaurant. When they settled at their table, they asked the waiter for "Chicken Surprise."

Soon the waiter brought their order in a large cast-iron pot with a lid. Ready to eat, the wife reached out to serve herself.

A man and woman eating at a restaurant. | Photo: Pixabay


Just as she touched the lid, it rose slightly. In the pot were two tiny beady eyes darting around frantically before the lid slammed back down. The wife squealed in surprise and looked at her husband. She said:

"Good Grief! Did you see that?"


Her husband admitted that he had not seen whatever it was that happened. She asked him to take a look at the contents of the pot.

He reached for the lid, but before he could peer inside, the lid rose again and the two beady little eyes popped out again. Disturbed by what he saw, he quickly called for the waiter for an explanation. 

The waiter asked the pair what their order was. The husband replied and told him they had ordered "Chicken Surprise." The waiter said: 

"Ahh, so sorry! I bring you Peeling Duck."


Here's another story about odd happenings at a bar.

A shy guy sat in a bar nursing a drink. He noticed a very beautiful woman sitting across the bar, and after an hour of gathering his courage, he decided to approach her.

When he got to her table, he asked tentatively if she wouldn't mind if he sat and chatted with her for a while.


She looked up and stared at him. Out of nowhere, she yelled: "No, I won't sleep with you tonight!"

Everyone in the bar turned their eyes to the lady's table. Mortified, the young man returned to his own table in embarrassment. A few minutes after, the woman got up and walked up to him.


She flashed him a gorgeous smile and apologized for embarrassing him. She explained that she was a graduate student in psychology and was only studying how people responded to embarrassment.

The guy took a deep breath and then yelled at the top of his lungs: "What do you mean your services cost $200?!"

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