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Daily Joke: A Couple Was Celebrating Their 25th Wedding Anniversary

Pedro Marrero
Mar 28, 2020
11:00 P.M.
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There was no limit to what this woman was willing to do to help her husband ascend in society, and as thankful as the man can be, she might have shared a little too much information for him to handle.


The couple went that night to a restaurant to enjoy a lovely dinner together, after a few bottles of champagne and a delightful chef’s special plate they went back home to continue celebrating.

However, after they remembered their honeymoon and all the things they’ve been fortunate to live as a strong and supportive couple, the husband suddenly turned serious and looked at her in the eyes to ask her a question.


“Tell me truthfully, have you ever been unfaithful to me?” the husband asked solemnly.

“Well, since you ask, to tell you the truth I have been unfaithful on three occasions,” said the woman, getting sincere with her long-time companion.

“What? How could you?” asked the shocked man, who clearly wasn’t expecting that answer from his devoted wife.


"Let me tell you about it," said the woman after taking a big breath.

“The first time was back when we were first married. You needed open heart surgery and we didn't have the money, so I went to bed with the surgeon and got him to operate for free,” she admitted.


“Gee! That was noble of you. And, besides, I guess I should be grateful. But, tell me, what about the second time?” asked the man, eager to know more about this whole thing.

“Do you remember that you wanted that position, and they were going to pass you over for someone else? Well, I went to bed with the President and the Vice President and they gave you the job,” added the woman.

“Hell, I think I could have done it on my own. But, then again, I guess I should be grateful. And so, what about the third time?” the understanding man went on to ask. And this time, this is what his wife answered:

“Do you remember two years ago when you wanted to become President of the Baseball Team, and you were missing 53 votes...?”