Steve Underwood of Tennessee Titans Goes Viral as People Compare His Mustache to N95 Mask

The Former Team President of the Tennessee Titans, Steve Underwood, is retiring, but rather than the retirement news generating reactions, it was the nature of Underwood's mustache that went viral, with several fans comparing it to an N95 mask.

Steve Underwood has been of meritorious service to the Tennessee Titans, following the franchise from Houston to Nashville. However, the Titans' former team president is calling it quits on his career. 

Reports have revealed that Underwood is retiring. He will, however, remain with the Titans, serving as a special adviser to owner Amy Adams Stunk. The retirement news brings an end to Underwood's forty years with the Titans. 

Due to the nature of his achievements for the Titans, news of Underwood's retirement was expected to generate a lot of reactions, which it did, but in hilarious circumstances. 

Reacting to the news post on the retirement on Twitter, many fans began commenting on his amazing beard. Leading the hilarious comments was Chris Hassel, host of CBC's "Sports Headquarters," who tweeted:

"So that's what an N95 mask looks like."

Bilge Ebiri also joined his voice with the others by tweeting that Underwood, with his mustache, didn't need a facemask. There were many other hilarious reactions to come. 

The "Draft Kings," in a tweet, shared four different edited pictures of players rocking Underwood's mustache, and in their caption, said that it was in his honor, given his retirement. 

Steve Underwood may be retiring, but it is so apparent that his beard will live long in the memory.

Maynard Muskievote, director of research at "Future Now USA," in his tweet, shared a picture of Underwood and wished him a happy retirement. Maynard also said that Underwood could now focus on his love of filtering krill out of seawater. 

Yashar Ali, a New York Magazine and Huffman Post contributor, shared a video of Underwood talking, and in the caption to the post, asked that how does Underhood manage to eat.

Some Titans' fans were full of gratitude to their former president for his great service to their team, although their tweets were drowned by those of people in awe of Underwood's beards, so much that they added it to the bearded hall of fame. 

Steve Underwood may be retiring, but it is so apparent that his beard will live long in the memory and will take its rightful place alongside another iconic beard, the "G" beard, worn last year by Mike Fiers, the former Oakland A's pitcher, as great sports facial hairs of the 21st century.

Meanwhile, Underwood is enjoying the attention that is coming his way because of his beards and joked that after forty years of service, what he got were comments about his mustache and beard.

In a chat with the Houston Chronicle, the retiring Underwood said that he doesn't find it hard to eat and that his wife helped him in trimming his beard regularly. 

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