Kentucky Woman Who Lost 122 lbs Has the Perfect Quarantine Weight Loss Method

Kentucky cattle rancher, Kiah Twisselman, discovers the perfect way to lose weight that is almost tailor-made for being in quarantine without ever setting foot in the gym.

Almost two years ago, Kiah Twisselman, a cattle rancher from Kentucky, began one of the most unconventional weight loss journeys.

At that time, she had been working as the Director of Consumer Affairs at Kentucky Beef Council, and she loved her job and her caring boyfriend. But, she had also been at her heaviest — and she was unhappy with that. Kiah said:

"... I believed for a really long time that it was just my genetics that I just got dealt a bad hand, and there was nothing I could do about it."

She had gone through the vicious cycle that many others who struggled like her had gone through — going on a fad diet, seeing considerable weight loss, falling off the wagon and gaining all the weight back and sometimes more.

She had resigned and accepted her fate that weight loss just wasn't in the books for her. Despite her resignation to her reality, one part of her job spurred her to find a solution to her unease.

The weight loss journey was not about being "really skinny," but a different goal entirely.

As the Director of Consumer Affairs at the Kentucky Beef Council, she was mandated to give lectures to consumers about the health benefits of beef.

She felt like a hypocrite, getting up in front of all those people to talk about being healthy when she felt like her image hardly represented good health. She put her foot down and decided that it was time to "walk the talk."

Her final wake-up call came to her while she was on a flight to a work conference and needed a seat belt extender.

She read Rachel Hollis' motivational book, "Girl, Wash Your Face," and everything changed for her on that flight. Kiah decided to adopt Hollis' "Five to Thrive" plan, which included five simple habits.

She would start by waking up an hour earlier than she usually did, get her body moving for about thirty minutes every day, drink nearly half her weight in ounces of water, writing in a journal daily, and practice intuitive eating. She revealed:

"I wasn't going to completely overhaul my entire lifestyle. I was going to make baby steps and see what happens."

She did exactly that, and over the following months, the change she saw was phenomenal. From October 2018 to January 2019, Kiah blasted off 25 pounds. This was the encouragement she needed to forge ahead, and she set a goal for herself — by October 2019, she would have lost 100 pounds. 

She started documenting her progress and altered her mindset drastically. Rather than berate herself when she slipped up, she would encourage herself and find experience in her failures.

By October 2019, she had lost 103 pounds and then some in the months that followed. Her success story was inspirational.

Famous actress Rebel Wilson also revealed that she was starting her fitness journey as a 2020 goal. She aspires to lose 165 pounds and get one of her movies produced by the end of the year. She took to Instagram with a lengthy post about dreams and determination.

On May 5, a photo of famous Grammy award-winning singer Adele rocked the entirety of social media platforms.

Adele, who was known for her more robust size, had drastically slimmed down. While many praised her for achieving her desired physique and health, others criticized her appearance. 

Adele arrives on the red carpet at the 59th GRAMMY Awards on February 12, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images

Adele arrives on the red carpet at the 59th GRAMMY Awards on February 12, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images

Amid quarantine, chef Art Smith also lost a significant amount of weight that stunned many people. But to him, Adele, Rebel, and Kiah, their journeys were not about being "really skinny," it was a quest to attain good health, and that was what was even more inspirational about their transformations.

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