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Woman Walks out of Her Father's Funeral Because of Her Mother's Ill Behavior

Olowokandi Fiyin
May 30, 2020
01:30 P.M.
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A woman walked out of her father's funeral because of her mother's nasty behavior towards her and wants to know if she overreacted.


A confused young woman has taken to the streets of Reddit to tell her recent encounter with her mother at her father's funeral. Before recounting the story, the woman noted that she was a caucasian who was married to a mixed man, and they both share a 2-year-old boy.

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She also mentioned that she'd been estranged from her family for about five years, mainly because of her mother's narcissistic and racist behavior.

Telling the story of her father's funeral, the poster recalled that she got a phone call from an aunt of hers who remained in touch with her, that her dad passed away after being involved in a ghastly motor accident.

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Her aunt asked if she had heard anything from the family, but she answered no. According to the woman, despite using the same cell number and email for almost 12 years, no one thought it right to inform her of her father's death.

Nevertheless, her aunt invited her to the funeral, telling her that the family was okay with her having her present. Fast forward to the funeral day, and her family acted like everything was fine between them despite not speaking to each other for almost five years.

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She was surprised by the pretense but decided to go along with it to honor her father's memory. However, she made sure not to share any personal information about her family and career.

When it was time for the ceremony, she was forced to sit beside her mother and obliged. It was all going great until it was time to give speeches, and they insisted that she says something.

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She initially said no as she didn't prepare for a speech, but they persuaded her to at least say something. That was when she went up and simply said her dad would be missed. However, they didn't take it too well, especially her mom. Recounting her fight with her mom, she wrote:

"My mother started shouting at me, telling me I was a worthless [expletive], that I'd always treated them without any respect and that I was a [expletive] for not giving an actual speech about how amazing my father was."

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Choosing to not cause a scene, she greeted her mom goodbye and stormed out of the funeral. When she got home, her husband and her aunt told her that she acted right, however, other members of the family accused her of going too far, and she wants to know the truth.

As expected, the post generated a lot of comments from users who assured the woman that she was right for walking out and protecting her peace and praised her for being the bigger person.

Many advised her to continue to keep herself estranged from her family, especially her mother. Did you enjoy the story? What do you think of the situation?