June 08, 2020

Woman Wants Her Ex-husband to Stop Calling Her Daughter

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A woman is uncomfortable with her ex-husband's daily calls with their daughter, so she asks him to stop accepting her calls.

A certain woman asked Reddit users if she was selfish for wanting her ex-husband to stop talking to her daughter as much as he does.

The exes split time with their baby girl, but according to the woman, whenever her daughter is with her, she calls her father every day for about an hour.

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Her daughter's long calls to her father started when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, and sadly, it's starting to get frustrating for the woman.

The poster explained that she wouldn't be getting the same length of calls from her daughter if the tables were turned. 

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The woman added that when her daughter is with her dad, she never calls her, and if they end up speaking over the phone, it usually doesn't last for longer than 5 minutes.

As a way of dealing with the issue, the woman spoke to her ex and asked him to stop accepting the daily calls from his daughter. She suggested that he limits their phone conversations to a few times per week.

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However, the man rejects her suggestion while adding that he won't stop answering his daughter's calls since she was the one calling and not the other way around.

Reddit users seemed to agree with the man's response with one writing: "She's calling him. Not his fault. Do what's right for your daughter, not your ego," while another added:

"You can't stop your daughter from developing a close relationship with her father just because you're jealous."

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The man then advised his ex to tell their daughter to stop calling him if she has a problem with it. But the woman can't do that because it will only stir up anger from the girl.

While still trying to convince her ex-husband, the woman told the man again that it would be nice to limit contact with his daughter whenever she was with her.

Angered by her request, the man stated that he wasn't going to do that and then proceeded to hang up the call. The woman believes she was reasonable with her request because she thinks it's only fair that she gets to spend quality time with her daughter whenever they're together. 


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However, Reddit users don't think she's genuinely reasonable. One user wrote, "Did you really think that you were being reasonable without pausing and thinking why your daughter doesn't enjoy talking to you as much?"

Another user also wrote, "You're the opposite of reasonable. You're going to eventually ruin your relationship with your daughter if you keep this up," while several other users aired their disapproval of the woman's request.