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Woman Tells Her Siblings They'll Stop Loving Their Kids Someday

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 13, 2020
07:30 P.M.
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A 36-year-old woman got angry after her family questioned her life choices. They called her selfish after telling them that she does not want to be a mother and have kids.


The Reddit user shared that her parents and siblings with families now would give her unsolicited opinions. No matter how hard she defends the choices she is making, her family continues to pressure her about marrying and having her own family.

"I like being able to travel, spend my money on myself, my pets, and charities I support and I don't want to ruin my sex life," she wrote.

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She added that her siblings and parents treat her like she is the most selfish person who ever lived just because she does not want to experience motherhood.

Despite being shamed about her decisions, the Reddit user said she would still help her siblings financially and would not even ask for anything in return.

Tired of her family's unsolicited opinions, there was a point where she didn't speak nor visited them for nearly a year.

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One day, her 34-year old sister called and invited her to her daughter's 3rd birthday. The Reddit user felt anxious about the occasion, but her sister assured her their parents would not question her personal life.

The party went well at first until her mother said, "If only you'd give motherhood a chance." To her surprise, her sister backed up her mother's opinion, saying that having children will change her mind.

Some fellow Reddit users supported the woman's life decision, commenting that she does not need any unsolicited opinions from family.

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She got angry and explained that a lot of people think they wanted children but would later regret having one. She added that many parents would stop loving their children someday and even resent them for draining their resources.

She left without a word but received angry calls and text from her family and relatives the next day. They demanded that she apologize, but she stood her ground as she found them to be hypocrites.

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Some fellow Reddit users supported the woman's life decision, commenting that she does not need any unsolicited opinions from family.

One wrote that her family was out of line and that she only responded proportionally. Another one said that her family should be the ones to apologize to her. She was only telling the truth about some parents regretting having children, added the commenter.

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