CNN Films Viewers Will Reportedly Get to Enjoy Jimmy Carter Documentary Now

CNN Films acquires rights to the former president of The United States, Jimmy Carter's documentary, and presidential portrait titled "Jimmy Carter Rock & Roll President" for their viewers to enjoy.

The motion picture division of CNN has gone the extra mile to bring quality content to its viewers. On June 11, CNN Films reportedly landed an acquisition to one of the political world's most anticipated documentaries.

Jimmy Carter at a press conference at the Carter Center on August 20, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia | Photo: Getty Images

Jimmy Carter at a press conference at the Carter Center on August 20, 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia | Photo: Getty Images

Director Mary Wharton, who has dedicated her life to creating documentaries about music, set out to make one about former President Jimmy Carter's political career and how his love for music played a role in it. Upon the release of the news of the acquisition, former President Carter said:

"When Chris and Mary came to Plains to show the film to me, it was entertaining and emotional for all of us..."

He added that the film would highlight his beliefs in hope and using music as a source of hope, especially in the challenging times plaguing the nation and the world at large.

"New Bedlam" author, Bill Flanagan, wrote the film while it was produced by Chris Farrell and directed by Wharton, all with one goal in mind — to capture the very essence of Carter's passion for music and how it propelled him into the White House.

Broadcasting rights of the docu-series initially belonged to the Tribeca Film Festival.

"Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll President" would focus heavily on the relationship between the former national leader and the iconic pop stars and country musicians like Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Aretha Franklin.

The documentary which was now deemed a "rockumentary," would narrate how music gave Carter a natural approachability and an important edge in his campaign for president. Wharton and Chris Farrell released a joint statement as well and said:

"We hope that CNN viewers will come away with a new appreciation for not only his moral courage and leadership but also the fact that he is pretty cool."

The docu-series would feature footage and interviews from history-defining performances of the legendary musicians with whom Carter became good friends.

Broadcasting rights of the documentary initially sat with the Tribeca Film Festival's 19th anniversary, and it was set to open the festival in April. The event, however, had to be postponed to respect the guidelines set out by the authorities due to the global pandemic, 

The former POTUS had initially expressed his excitement for April 15, the date on which the film was supposed to open the festival. He and his wife, Rosalynn, were mighty pleased with Wharton's work and her team's bringing to life.

However, to the star of the film, and its makers, it does not matter who holds the rights to the piece of art. What remains most important is that Jimmy Carter's incredible story of triumph, hope, and unity is going to be shared with the world.

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