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June 16, 2020

'Outdaughtered' Fans Gush over Sweet Photo of Quint Ava in a Swimsuit

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Fans of the family TV show "OutDaughtered" expressed their reactions after an adorable picture of Quint Ava in a swimsuit was uploaded on the gram.

Adam and Danielle Busby are parents to six beautiful girls. Their oldest daughter is Blayke, while their other kids are a set of quintuplets named Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker.

Lovers of the show are familiar with the lifestyle of the Busby family. While the parents display how tasking it can be with handling all six kids onscreen, they also ensure to show off happy and enjoyable moments via their social media pages.

The Busby kids feed the chicken in an Oklahoma farm during their family trip. | Source: YouTube/It'saBuzzWorld


Adam recently shared an image of two of his girls having a good pool time. The post concentrated on Ava, who rocked a blue and white polka dots two-piece swimwear. She also had swimming goggles on.

Apart from being dressed and ready to have a good swim, Ava dived in the pool by showing off some ballerina move. She pointed her toes and posed adorably. Daddy opted for a simple caption in expressing his awe for the young lady. 

Fans of the "Outdaughtered" show quickly jumped in the comment section to gush over the sweet image of the onscreen star.


Many fans agreed that it was a heart-melting post, and others used adjectives like "Great," "Awesome," and "Gorgeous" to express their profound admiration for Ava's pose.

One fan even referred to the youngster as "AIRva!" While another wanted to know where to find her exact brand of goggles.

Danielle and Adam are also the first parents in the US to have all-girl quintuplets.


Ava is the oldest of the quintuplets, and she happens to be an identical twin with Olivia. All sisters were born prematurely, and while she was the first to be born, she was the last of the girls to leave the hospital. 

Parenting isn't the only duty Adam has his hands on. The father of six is also the owner of Adam Busby Media, a firm that works with photo and video projects for families.


The media firm was born after Adam left his previous job as Key Accountant Manager at Intrinsic Solution and Sprint Safety.

According to Danielle's LinkedIn profile, she works at AP Network as a Project Coordinator Team Lead, and she's also a beauty consultant.

All the Busby girls' are fan favorites, and their parents became popular after the birth of the quintuplets. Both Danielle and Adam are also the first parents in the US to have all-girl quintuplets.

Recently, however, Adam shared an update concerning one of their girls, Hazel. She's had eye defects since birth, underwent surgery as a 1-year-old, and has continued to use recommended glasses amid regular hospital checkups.

The father of six explained that there are many unknowns when it comes to Hazel considering her eyes condition.