Joseline Hernandez's Daughter Melts Hearts as She Tells Her Mom off in a New Video

Puerto Rican-American television personality, Joseline Hernandez takes to Instagram with an adorable video of her daughter calling her mom out.

Perto Rican-American TV star fondly called the Puerto Rican Princess Joseline Hernandez took to Instagram recently to give her fans a heavy wave of baby fever. She shared a video of her daughter, Bonnie Bella, looking adorable while upset. Hernandez wrote:

"??? #bonniebella."

Joseline Hernandez and Ballistic attend "Joseline's Cabaret Miami" Zeus Network Miami Premiere at AMC Aventura on January 19, 2020 | Photo: Getty Images.

Joseline Hernandez and Ballistic attend "Joseline's Cabaret Miami" Zeus Network Miami Premiere at AMC Aventura on January 19, 2020 | Photo: Getty Images.

Hernandez and Bonnie were sitting together while the young mom set up her camera and said a bright hello to her viewers. The toddler was having none of the social media distractions and proceeded to complain about her mother's offense.

The TV star had moved her daughter's snack away from her front to make way for her phone to make the video. Bonnie complained in her adorable baby gibberish that her mother had committed a grave offense by snatching away her snack.

Hernandez's boyfriend, Ballistic Beats, whose real name is Robin Inguoma, came into the room and sat beside the girls. The scorned toddler wasted no time in reporting her mom to him. The TV star's fans fell in love with Bonnie and gushed about how sweet the little girl was.

Bonnie Bella's parents are feuding endlessly.

Thirty-three-year-old Hernandez became a cast member of VH1's reality series "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" till 2017 after Grammy Award-winning record producer Stevie J discovered her. On May 31, 2020, a new series in which she features "Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition" premiered.

In 2016, the mom of one revealed that she was pregnant with Stevie J's child. The pair fell out and soon began a legal brawl for who would get custody of their daughter. In a preview of "Marriage Boot Camp," Hernandez shared saddening news in tears. She said:

"It's being told to me that I have to let my daughter go with her father because my baby daddy's trying to take custody, so I feel like my life is just falling apart." 

The heartbroken mother began to let out sobs as she explained how sad she was that she had to give her baby girl to her former partner. One of the television show's therapists, Dr. Ish, came by her house to speak to her and help her deal with her emotions.

Luckily for Hernandez, the custody was reportedly reversed a week later, and the TV star was awarded primary custody of Bonnie.

The adorable tot was born on December 28, 2016. Bonnie's parents were over the moon with excitement following her arrival as they set aside their differences to rejoice together.

Stevie J, the proud father, who also has five other children, took to Instagram to officially welcome his baby girl with her first-ever public photograph.

Bonnie's parents might be feuding endlessly, but the love and adoration she receives from her mom and Ballistic, who she fondly calls Papi, remains more than enough. 

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