June 21, 2020

Woman Wants Her Biological Family at Her Wedding More Than Her Adoptive Parents

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A Reddit poster recently shared her story and wanted to know if the decision she took, concerning wanting her biological family at her wedding more than her adoptive parents, was appropriate.

Having a child is a beautiful experience either by personal delivery, surrogacy, or adoption. A parent learns to connect, bond, and nurture a child. When a child becomes an adult, several things may influence his or her decisions; at this point, their choices are expected to be respected by loving parents.

For the bride-to-be who is set to have her wedding soon, she's displeased at the behavior of her adopted parents, Jane and John, towards her biological family.


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The poster explained that Amy, her biological mother had her at a young age. While she didn't know anything about her mother until a few years ago, Amy was always around her as a babysitter, when she was below 10.


After ascending adulthood at 18, she discovered that her babysitter, who stopped coming when she turned 10-years-old, was her real mom.

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Jane and John's adopted daughter also found out that Amy got threatened, by her adoptive parents, to quit babysitting their child when the then mother-of-one started living an independent life as a stripper working to pay her way through the University.

Amy's daughter immediately bonded with her birth mother at first sight, and she informed Jane and John about the development.

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According to the poster, having all three parents in her life would make her thrilled, which she explained to her adoptive parents. Ever since then, the relationship between them and their adopted daughter has been rocky.

They never even try to conceal their discontentment when they're in the same room with Amy. They also go as far as making offensive comments and causing a scene. 

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The poster recently suggested going wedding dress shopping with Amy and Jane, and it wasn't a palatable experience as her adoptive mom said she wouldn't be attending because of Amy's presence.

Amy also has other kids and a husband, still, the adoptive parents want nothing to do with her. 

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Now the bride-to-be claims that she'd rather have Amy at the wedding, and her adoptive parents as guests. This has further severed the relationship between her and Jane.

Reddit users assured her that her stance is the most suitable option and maintained that the adoptive parents are somewhat selfish, manipulative.