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Jenna Bush Hager Opens up About Her Childhood – Was It Different From Other Kids?

Kagweni Micheni
Jun 27, 2020
06:30 A.M.

Jenna Bush Hager has given her fans a glimpse into her childhood by sharing some fantastic family photos of her with her twin sister.


Jenna Bush Hager is giving us a glimpse into her childhood after she shared some of her favourite family photos that show her and her twin sister.

During an episode of "TODAY with Hoda & Jenna" the co-host discussed the recent photos shared by Kate Middleton of Prince William playing with their children when she shared the vintage snaps.


One of the photos showed the former First Lady Laura Bush holding her daughters while another showed both parents with the twins.

Speaking about the pictures, she revealed that it was taken on their back porch at their home in Midland, Texas, She said,

"Even though my dad isn't in it, he's the one that took it. And I just knew how much my mum wanted a baby and babies - one for each of them to hold."


Her co-host Hoda shared a family picture of herself with fiance Joel Schiffman as well as their two daughters Hope and Hailey.

The pair talked about the nostalgia of photos from the past compared to today where technology means we often have thousands of at our fingertips.

The host revealed that she had received a surprise Christmas gift from her grandmother.


Earlier this month Jenna had also shared some photos of her late grandmother Babara Bush in honor of her birthday.

Last year, the host revealed that she had received a surprise Christmas gift from her grandmother, in the form of hand needlepoint stockings for the great-grandchildren. She said,

"What a beautiful thing she did so that all three of my kids could have that. He will never have met her, but they're so ingrained, literally, I'm this case, In the fabric of our family."

Laura Bush & Jenna Bush-Hager attend 92Y Talks NEW YORK, May 2016: | Photo: Getty Images

Laura Bush & Jenna Bush-Hager attend 92Y Talks NEW YORK, May 2016: | Photo: Getty Images

Barbara Bush who was married to former President George H.W. Bush passed away at 94-years-old in November 2018.


Jenna shared that the Christmas stockings perfectly represented her grandmother, who always wanted to leave the world "more beautiful through her work."

Last year Jenna and her husband Henry, welcomed their third child Henry Harold Hagar. Their son joined their other two children Mila and Poppy.

Former President George .W. Bush celebrated the occasion by sharing an adorable photo of the entire family with the newest bundle of joy.

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