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July 02, 2020

What Transpired in the New 'Stargirl' Episode That Has Fans Wanting More

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The latest episode of "Stargirl" features the fight between Stargirl and her biggest villain Shiv. Here is a look into what happened.

Fans of the "CWS" series "Stargirl" were in for a stunning surprise with the revelation of her biggest villain Shiv. Spoilers ahead! CWS took to their Instagram account to announce the latest episode of DC's "Stargirl" without revealing too much.

Actress Brec Bassinger attends Paris Berelc's 21 st birthday party at The Hideaway on January 11, 2020 | Photo: Getty Images


The caption of the post simply mentioned that Stargirl, whose name is Courtney Whitmore, was on the look-out for the Injustice Society of America.

However, those who got to watch the latest episode of the television series were thrilled to discover that the writers of the episode stayed true to the comics by revealing that Stargirl's biggest Villian Shiv was her high school rival, Cindy Burman.


Lovers of the comic would remember that Cindy Burman and Courtney Whitmore had a lot of rivalries between them and true to the original story, Cindy turned out to be Courtney's arch-enemy in the "Stargirl" universe.

Episode seven, titled "Shiv Part 1," gave an insight into what had been eating at Mike and how Cindy Burman and Courtney Whitmore almost became friends, the janitor who saved Courtney's life and what prompted Shiv to reveal herself.


In this episode, Courtney and Cindy had been forced to be lab partners in Chemistry class, and the two happened to bond temporarily during the class, even making plans to meet up later. 

Fans of the "Stargirl" universe are thrilled at how the series adaptation has stayed true to the comic.

With the homecoming dance taking place that evening, Cindy and Courtney had planned to ditch the dance to spend time together.


Things seemed to be on track with the girls, Courtney gets asked to dance after an intense game with their rival school by Cameron Mahkent and ditches Cindy hoping to "simply reschedule." Sadly, things are not that simple with Cindy, who felt slighted about being dropped by Courtney and vows never to be friends with her.

Heading to the stands, Courtney notices Principal Brown acting suspiciously. When Principal Brown picks her violin and enters a secret lair underneath the school, Courtney follows her after changing into her Stargirl costume.


Still seething from being ignored by Courtney, Cindy, seated brooding and watching the CCTV cameras in her father's office, notices when Stargirl entered the lair and decides to vent her anger by confronting her.

Grabbing the costume she had sighted earlier in the hallway of her father's office and the Cosmic Staff, she heads into the lair to confront Stargirl.


The two engage in a fearsome fight exchanging Cosmic staff darts and fiery scepter blasts. At some point, Shiv gained the upper hand and was ready to knock out Stargirl with her Cosmic staff, but the janitor's timely intervention prevented it.

Fans of the "Stargirl" universe are thrilled at how the series adaptation has stayed true to the comic contents and the character development, although some loathe the change made to Dr. Mid-Nite.