July 12, 2020

Parents Press Charges against Son for Stealing Their TV

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A husband and wife pressed charges against their 28-year-old son for stealing their television and covering up the theft by accusing their 4-year-old grandchild. 

A mother and a father discovered something shocking about their 28-year-old son and an unbelievable lie that he told. Their son came visiting for a few days and was left in the house all alone with his niece.

Photo of a young man and little girl | Photo: Getty Images


When they returned, they found out that the television was missing from the house. Wondering where it could have gone, their son explained to them that his 4-year-old niece, their granddaughter accidentally pulled down the television, and smashed it in the process.

He said that he decided to take the broken television set to the dump since it was shattered beyond repair and now useless. Their daughter and her husband felt so guilty about what their little girl had done and could not bear to leave things that way.

Smiling grandfather dancing with two granddaughters in living room | Photo: Getty Images


The young couple made sure to pay for the damages that the four-year-old had done. Much later, the father was sifting through the security videos and watching the footage from their security cameras. 

He was surprised to find out that his son’s story simply did not add up with what he was watching in the footage. The young child never broke the TV or even so much as scratched it.

Photo of a grandfather pointing to a laptop screen | Photo: Getty Images


What the husband and wife did see was their son lugging away the mysteriously missing device. The older couple confronted their son and asked why the camera caught him leaving the house with a TV that seemed to be working just fine.

The young man said that the camera had probably cut out the part that showed their granddaughter breaking it. Confirming their suspicions, their son’s girlfriend called them to confess what he had done.

Photo of a young man carrying a TV | Photo: Getty Images


She told them that her boyfriend had, in fact, stolen their TV, brought it to their apartment, and made up the story about his niece breaking it. She felt guilty knowing what was going on and could not keep mute.

The parents were angry at what their son did and filed a police report. Their son’s girlfriend let the police retrieve the stolen device.

Photo of a police officer shining flashlight near house | Photo: Getty Images

They planned to press charges against their son for stealing and making his sister pay for it. But, they wondered if they were wrong for pressing charges against their own child.