April 24, 2020

Daily Joke: Father and Son Set off on a Road Trip

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A man and his young son set off on a road trip, and a few kilometers after they had moved, the boy turns to his father and asks when he can go "wee."

The father looks around but does not see a place convenient enough to stop for his son to wee and urges him to be patient and hold on.

A few minutes later, the son who appears to be more frantic now turns to his father and asks if he could go wee, but the father told him to hold on a little longer.

Smiling father and son walking hand in hand at tram stop in the city | Photo: Getty Images


Spotting a petrol station a few blocks ahead, the man tells his son to wait a few minutes longer as he pulled into the petrol station.

When they reach the petrol station, the boy announces that he can no longer bear to hold it and must go wee immediately. Dashing inside, the little boy raises his hands in the air and yells, "WEEE!"

Little boy with a serious look on his face | Photo: Getty Images


Here is another hilarious story of a man who misunderstood something that was told to him:

Three men walk into a dealership and announce that they wanted to get new cars for themselves. Regarding the men, the salesman announced that he would give them the cars for free if they answered one question.

The men agreed to answer his question as they were excited about getting free cars. Turning to the first man, he asked:

"Have you ever cheated on your wife?"

A potrait of a salesman in a car dealership. | Photo: Shutterstock


The guy replies that he has never cheated on his wife, and the salesman proceeds to give him the keys to a brand new Ferrari.

The salesman then asks the other two men the same question. The second man replied that he had cheated on his wife only once and got the keys to a new SUV.

The third man answered that he cheated on his wife twice a week and got the keys to a used Minivan. Having received their keys, the men were talking when the first guy with the Ferrari started crying.


Confused at this outburst, the other two asked why he was crying since he got the better deal. Still, in tears, he turned to them and said his wife had told him he could get a free pair of roller skates if he came to the dealership.

In another twist of events, a young man and woman were on a date when the man said to the woman that he liked the perfume she was wearing and would love to know the name.


Puzzled, the young lady dumps the content of her purse on the table to search for the spray she had used. After ransacking, she found the small bottle and examined the label.

Turning to the man, she announced that the name of the spray was actually "Unforgettable." What an irony.

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Source: Startsat60