Daily Joke: A Little Boy Tells Dad He Wants to Marry His Grandma

Busayo Ogunjimi
Apr 08, 2020
03:00 A.M.
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A young boy explained to his dad his reasons for wanting to marry his grandmother and the explanation led to a hilarious ending.

Kids quip ideas and ask some mind-boggling questions. Indeed, they are a fascinating company to have.

Both a father and son were excitedly spending time bonding when the little boys mentioned his intentions to his dad.

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The youngster explained that he had finally decided to bring home a bride. This puzzled his dad, who notwithstanding asked to know the girl he had in mind.

Without wasting much time, the young lad mentioned that his grandma was the most suitable candidate due to her features. He said:

"Yes, it's grandma! She said she loves me and I love her too, and she is the best cook and storyteller in the whole world."

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At this point, his dad thought about clearing things up, so he explained that grandma is daddy's mom, which makes it impossible to marry her. Unrelentingly, the little boy replied,

"Why not? You married mine!"

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Sometimes it isn't the future that needs clarification; sometimes, it's the unseen things like dreams. 

Here's another laughable read of a woman who mentioned her "diamond" dream to her husband.

After waking from a short sleep, a woman told her partner that she dreamt of him handing over a piece of diamond jewelry to her. She then asked him: "What do you think it means."

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A few hours later, in an attempt to answer his wife's question, he presented her with an adorable gift package, which she excitedly opened.

Having unwrapped the gift, the wife realized that it was a book titled "The Meaning of Dreams."

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Her husband definitely wanted her to unravel her dream!

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