July 11, 2020

Woman Lies to Mother about Why She No Longer Sees Her Granddaughter

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A woman is stuck on how to handle a situation between her narcissistic mother and her daughter and wonders if lying to her mother would be a wrong move.

Not everyone is blessed with truly amazing parents. Some parents have terrible behaviors that go on to scar their children for life, and even at times, it scars their grandchildren.

A woman took to the popular discussion platform, Reddit to narrate the situation she was in with her mother, a narcissist, and her teenage daughter, who is beginning to realize how uncomfortable she is with her grandmother.

Old woman with family in background | Photo: Getty Images


The 34-year-old woman revealed that her 15-year-old daughter was not lucky when it came to having grandparents. Her paternal grandparents are sexist and judgemental, and her own mother is a narcissistic being.

She added that her daughter used to rely on her narcissistic mother to be the fun grandparent since the ones on her father’s side were horrible to her. However, as the daughter matured, she realized how horrible her grandmother was.


The daughter opened up to her mother, admitting that she did not want to have anything to do with her grandmother anymore as she was beginning to act horribly towards her.

Her daughter’s mental health and well being should be of utmost priority.


The woman explained that she is aware her daughter’s complaints are true as her mother acted horribly towards her while growing up, and she does not want the same thing to happen to her daughter.

However, since she knew her mother to be a narcissist, she was not sure how to handle the situation in a way that her mother would not manipulate it and make it about her.


For now, she thinks lying to her mother that she is busy with work and her daughter is busy with school work is the best way to go about things, but she was not sure if the decision is entirely right and wanted the opinion of Reddit users on the issue.

Users of the platform were quick to give their thoughts and opinion on the issue. Some expressed that the woman needed to do what was right by her daughter and not consider anything her mother might come up with.

Others thought the woman was handling things the wrong way by lying when she could have an honest conversation with her mother about things. 


There were a lot of disagreements in the comments section, with some stating that it is impossible to have an honest conversation with a narcissist as they always find a way to make things about themselves.

Although there was a lot of back and forth, most people agreed that the woman needed to do what was right for her daughter and whatever method she chooses, her daughter’s mental health and well being should be of utmost priority.