July 14, 2020

Boss Overhears Employee Telling His Wife He Doesn't Have Enough Money for Baby Formula

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An employee at work calls his wife to tell her he hardly has enough money to purchase baby formula— his boss overhears their conversation and decides to do something about it. 

The famous saying, "This is a business, not a charity," is well known by all and has been around for so long that it has become a sort of stereotype for entrepreneurs and business owners.  

A boss talking to an employee in the office. | Photo: Shutterstock.


Basically, people think that a person has to be cold and ruthless, and someone who values profits over people to make it in business. Many people even allege that if entrepreneurs could run their companies without the services people render, they would. 

However, this stereotype is not true for every entrepreneur or business owner out there—in fact, there are more than a few business proprietors that defy the cold and ruthless stereotype. 

Man raising his right hand. | Photo: Pexels


One such example is the fictional story of the boss of a small business and what he did for his employee. The employee was hired at the beginning of the week as the general manager of one of the employer's small stores.

One day, the hired man wheedles a cigarette out of his employer and heads out to call his wife — the two were in dire straits as they had no savings after their move from Alaska to California.  

A man and his wife holding hands and walking together. | Photo: Pixabay


The employee would not get paid until the end of the month, but his 6-month-old daughter needed baby formula, and he also needed gas to get to and from work daily. 

His boss, who had also come out to join him for a smoke, overheard his conversation with his wife and took pity on the couple. 

A man being interviewed for a job | Photo: Shutterstock


He asked for the delivery truck, and though the employee told him the truck had no gas, the boss told him he would put in what he used. 

By the time the employer returned with the truck, there were five large containers of baby formula in the backseat, a full tank of gas, and $500 on the center console. 

Man holding his suit jacket. | Photo: Pexels

The employer tells the grateful man to simply consider the items a hiring bonus and that if he needs more, he should say so. Do you think there are souls like this in today's world?

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