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Watch This Terrifying Encounter of a Brave Woman and a Wild Bear – Look What She Does

Jul 21, 2020
08:20 P.M.

A woman at the Mexican Ecological Park remained calm as a bear approached, stood up, and sniffed her head, even taking out her phone for a quick selfie.


Bears are wild animals known for attacking humans who run away or panic as they approach, especially when a person stands between the mother and its child.

However, a woman hiking along the Chipinque Ecological Park in Mexico remained extremely calm as a black bear stood beside her.



As she and her friend were walking, the black bear crawled beside her, got up on two legs, and started sniffing the woman.

She fearlessly stood still and calmly got her phone to snap a photo with the wild animal as if they were buddies taking selfies.


A man from behind tried making the bear leave, which eventually worked as the creature got down and quietly crawled away.


According to authorities, "stay calm, never stand between a baby and its mother, do not go near or feed them, take shelter, watch it, avoid photographing it, or taking selfies."


However, a brave Romanian woman did otherwise and attempted to get a close photo beside a brown bear on the road's side.

The bear was seen slowly creeping up and even stood on two feet, but eventually, let the boy go.

The woman, in blue and white clothing, stood a few steps away from the bear and tried to get closer until the animal lunged forward and nearly attacked her, leaving the tourist running for her life.



Recently, a 12-year-old boy had a close encounter with a bear while having a picnic with his family in Sporminore, Italy. When the little boy went into the woods, a big brown bear began trailing behind. He recalled:

"I did not look it in the eye, and the bear understood I was not its enemy. And now I am the happiest child in the world."

The lad, Alessandro, was calm as he headed downhill, where a family member of his captured the scary moment.

The bear was seen slowly creeping up and even stood on two feet, but eventually, let the boy go. The posted clip has since gone viral on the internet.

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