July 22, 2020

Woman Puts Kids in Childcare on Her Weekdays Off

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A mom of two wonders if she is making a selfish decision by increasing her children’s time at childcare to give herself some space to breathe.

A woman who had two children, ages 1 and 2, started taking them to childcare for the days that she was off work. She worked part-time on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for five hours each day.

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Later on, she considered increasing their time at childcare so they would go every weekday to give her enough time to do all the housework she had to do, shop for groceries, and prepare for whatever else she had to do. 

Taking them to childcare would give her space to breathe a little. She suffered from anxiety and depression and constantly found that she was struggling with being on the go with the kids and her work.

Mother and son staring into each other's eyes. | Photo: Pixabay


Her family, on the other hand, seemed to think she was a horrible person for not wanting to be with her children every second of every hour that she was not working. 

They claimed that her children should have been enough reason to keep her going, and admittedly, they were the sole reason she was still alive. 

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However, she needed to have that break. She believed that if she could have a little more room to juggle her responsibilities, she would be a better and more attentive parent.

Her daughter was struggling with speech delay and got the opportunity to see a speech specialist at the childcare to help her development.

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Her partner was also on board with the idea of increasing the children’s time at the childcare. He worked full time and was out from 7 in the morning to 6 in the evening every day.

They would only be away while their mom was at work and come back home to her when she got off work until her partner too would come home in time for dinner, bath, and bedtime. 

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It seemed like sound logic but the woman still felt as though she was being selfish since it seemed like she should be able to cope with having them around as much.

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