July 27, 2020

See How Angela Simmons and Son Sutton Have Been Enjoying Summer in a Cool New Photo

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Angela Simmons has shared a photo of herself enjoying some pool time under the sun, including a video of her son wearing a "baby shark" costume. 

Angela Simmons and her son Sutton are making the most of the summer weather with the actress sharing snaps of them.

Simmons shared posts onto her Instagram, with one showing her son swimming while wearing a "baby shark" outfit as he puts on a show for the camera.


Simmons shares her son with Sutton Tennyson who was killed in 2018 after being gunned down at his home in Atlanta. 

The star opened up about explaining the tragedy to her son, which came less than a year after the pair had called off their engagement. She revealed that after she had let him know, he wept. Simmons added:

"It's not like he's full conversatonal yet, so this is what kind of makes it emotional. He was like, 'Is he alive?' This is the first time i'm having to explaining it to him."



She admitted that it was difficult to explain it to him due to his age, adding that she did it her way by explaining, "he's in heaven, he's with God."

After the shooting, Michael Williams was charged with murder. Authorities shared that he had been shot 13 times in his driveway over a money issue. He has denied the allegations. 

The reality star revealed that she was open to dating regular guys.



Earlier this year, Simmons had been tied to her "Growing Up Hip-Hop" co-star Romeo Miller. However, the relationship was not always peaceful.

While Miller said that he was in love with her, the reality star revealed that she was open to dating regular guys, adding that she was open to an interracial relationship. She said:

"I’m one of these people very open. I want to explore the idea of dating outside my race. I don’t mind."

Sutton Tennyson and Angela Simmons attend a Party at Medusa Lounge in 2016 | Photo: Getty Images


While Simmons and Miller are not currently together, they also revealed that they were interested in rekindling their relationship.

The star even lost a girlfriend after she felt uncomfortable due to his close relationship with Simmons, sharing that he regretted that. 


Simmon's willingness to date men of other races is not new as she dated half-Argentinian, half-Venezuelan rapper Skillz between 2008 to 2010.

However, she revealed that she had received criticism for the relationship, sharing that she had times when she noticed people giving them "long hard" stares. 


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