July 26, 2020

Woman Calls Out Sister for Shaming Her and Her Proposal Online

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Two sisters became at odds over a marriage proposal, as one decided online shaming to be the best way to handle her feelings of jealousy over the other. 

With only two years difference between them in age, the oldest at 28 asked for a broader perspective in an online forum after her younger sister became "an immature bully."


Providing some context, the 28-year-old shared that her sister got married in 2017 with their first child already born. Up until recently, the oldest was in a longtime relationship with her boyfriend, but after a "cheesy and romantic" proposal, she melted and said yes.


Two sisters fighting. | Source: Freepik.

However, the younger sister had just announced her second pregnancy during a dinner held for their father, and the older sister's engagement bliss was about to be ruined. 



The 28-year-old posted pictures of her ring and the sweet proposal story and happily shared the special moment with her friends and family, but then she found out that her sister had taken to online shaming.

"She was saying I’d purposefully had my engagement right after her pregnancy announcement, and that I was also clearly jealous my little sister had gotten married first," the older sister explained

A man asking for a woman's hand in marriage. | Source: Pexels.



So then the older sister decided to confront her younger sibling face to face. She tried denying the accusations and became defensive and "uppity," but that didn't stop the older sister from sharing her feelings, as she said:

"I told her I felt bad for her children since their mother was such an immature bully."

The two sisters' mom decided to take sides as well and said that the older sister shouldn't have "stooped" to her younger sister's level. However, netizens had other perspectives on the matter.

A woman thinking as she looks out over the water. | Source: Pexels.


While forum users found the proposal rather romantic and congratulated her on finding a "keeper," they didn't think that confronting someone face to face qualifies as stooping to someone else's level.

They also quickly picked up on the fact that the younger sister made her pregnancy announcement at a dinner specially held for their father - an act they interpreted as coming from someone who is immature and attention-seeking. 

What do you think? What would you do in this situation?

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