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July 30, 2020

Jodie Sweetin's Struggle with Addiction, Divorces and Custody Battle — the Child Star's Downfall

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Jodie Sweetin, who rose to fame in the late 80s after portraying Stephanie Tanner in "Full House," has gone through many difficulties, including failed marriages and addiction.

Born in January 1982, Jodie has been working in the entertainment industry since 1987, when she landed a minor part in "The Hogan Family." That year, she got her most famous role, Stephanie Tanner in "Full House."

[Jodie did] Ecstasy during her high-school years.

Jodie Sweetin in San Francisco on August 17, 1994 | Photo: Getty Images



For nearly a decade, John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, Lori Loughlin, and the rest of the cast of the show delighted the audience with their incredible on-screen chemistry and fun performances.

Unfortunately, the TV series came to its end in 1995. From that point on, Jodie Sweetin's life has been nothing short of a roller coaster.


In her 2009 memoir, "UnSweetined," she revealed that she drank two bottles of wine at Candace Cameron and Valeri Bure's wedding even though she was only 14 years old.

Jodie pointed out that her first cup of wine gave her the self-confidence that she had been looking for her entire life. Sadly, it set a drinking pattern in her life, and it was a negative, dangerous one.



For the rest of the 90s, she focused most of her time on graduating from high school and studying at Chapman University. During that time, she only landed two acting gigs.

In March 2017, she told students at Chapman University that she lost her ability to balance work, life, and responsibilities when she was about 20 years old, which is probably why we barely saw her in front of the cameras.

It was also during that period that Jodie Sweetin would get in and out of 12-step programs to try to fight her demons. In most cases, she was battling drug and alcohol abuse.



Her drug issues were so severe that, in college, she was already using cocaine after years of doing Ecstasy during her high-school years.

Eventually, during her second semester, a professor invited two former addicts to talk about their cases and how damaging drugs are, and that's when she started her decade-long process of getting sober.

While Jodie Sweetin was in college, she met her first husband, Shaun Holguin. The ex-couple tied the knot on July 27, 2002, and she reportedly admitted that she was done with acting.



The former child actress, who was 20 when she got married to Shaun, allegedly wanted to focus on other things, like teaching other actors and starting a family with her husband.

However, her drug habit was too much to bear, and she ended up doing crystal meth. In 2008, she revealed that everything revolved around her addiction.


Jodie Sweetin and her spouse got divorced in 2006, and one year later, she married her second husband, film transportation coordinator Cody Herpin.

Even though they share a daughter named Zoie, they parted ways in November 2009 and got divorced in April 2010.

Jodie's second daughter, Beatrix, was born in 2010, as well. Her father is Morty Coyle, who had been dating Jodie since 2009. Jodie and Morty tied the knot in March 2012, separated the following year, and finalized the divorce in 2016.



Having a child is always the silver lining in a failed marriage. Jodie Sweetin's kids were, in fact, more than that as they were the reason why she ultimately decided to get sober for good.

In her book, the actress admitted that her drug issues made her an irresponsible parent, just like her mother, who used to leave her to party. She wrote:

"When I started seeing my own addiction getting in the way of being a mom, I finally understood: If you're not in the right place to get sober, you're not ready to be a mom."


Fortunately, Jodie has been sober since December 7, 2008. Apart from that, she has been open with her children about her addiction struggles, and they understand that she doesn't drink because she doesn't do it well.

At the moment, Jodie Sweetin is focused on her career as an actress (she is one of the main stars in "Fuller House") and on raising her daughters.


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