Father Tells His Daughter She'll Never Be Able to Handle Living Alone

An angry father tells his 31-year-old daughter that she will never be able to move out of their house, and although this hurts the girl’s feelings, the man believes he’s right.

Learning to manage one’s emotions is an essential skill in life, and this story follows the actions of a father who asked Reddit users if he was wrong to have said some things to his daughter out of anger.

A photo an aged angry looking man. | Photo: Pixabay

A photo an aged angry looking man. | Photo: Pixabay

The man is a proud father to three children aged 31, 28, and 23. While his two youngest kids have moved out of their father’s house to settle in their own places, his eldest daughter still lives at home with her parents.

Although his eldest daughter has worked at a fast food place for eight years, she has refused to accept a promotion because she fears she might never leave the job after being promoted. 

With her paycheck, she can comfortably pay for gas and toiletries, but the rest of the money is usually not enough to cover more bills. While she surprises her family by getting dinner once in a while and feeding the pets, most of the household chores fall on the man’s wife.

The man also pointed out that his daughter had been talking about moving out of the house for a few years but never really took action until recently. Currently, she is searching for an apartment and seeking a new job as well.

Sometimes ago, the man went on a road trip with his wife, and they left their daughter at home, but on their return, they came back to some news that did not sit well with the man.

The man’s daughter told him she could not manage to be on her own while they were gone, so she invited her siblings and some friends to stay with her.

This, however, left the man really angry, and he ended up telling her to prepare to take care of him and his wife. 

He also told her that it was sure she would still live with them in their old age because there is no way she would be able to handle living on her own.

Although the man believes he sounded a bit harsh, he does not think he’s wrong either.  Do you think he was wrong to have said that?

Speaking of overreacting, here's a story about a woman who walked out of her father's funeral because of her mother's nasty behaviour towards her. Are her actions justifiable?

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